Ukraine Update: Russians confront the belief that Putin’s invasion has completely failed

On the day that Russian tanks rolled around the border into Ukraine, Putin set two simple objectives in a speech to the Russian other folks: “de-Nazifying” and “demilitarizing” Ukraine. Essentially, that supposed bringing down the Ukrainian govt and destroying the Ukrainian army.

Even after the crushing defeat within the Battle of Kyiv, the second one defeat within the Kharkiv counteroffensive, and the lack to carry onto town of Kherson, Putin has persisted to push those two objectives. When it involves the whole lot that has took place or may occur in his unlawful invasion, those are the 2 measures Putin constructed for himself, and has returned to time and again.

That’s what makes this probably the most essential second of the interview with Prigozhin.


Prigozhin admits that Putin’s invasion hasn’t simply failed, it has achieved the in opposition to of what Putin declared its central objective. The Ukrainian govt is by way of each and every measure more potent than it used to be when the warfare started, each in home fashionable make stronger, and in all probability extra importantly, within the global area. Zelensky is the brand new Churchill. The Ukrainian army, warts and all, is now an emblem for energy, resilience, and bravado that has no fashionable rival.

“I don’t know,” mentioned Prigozhin. “It’s just like the Greeks all through the length of Greece’s prosperity. Like the Romans have been all through…” At that time Dolgov cuts him off, however the level is made.

Which brings up the second one measure of Russian failure, one who Prigozhin returns to a number of occasions within the interview. Putin hasn’t simply been useless within the effort to weigh down the Ukrainian army, his invasion has made that army a lot, a lot more potent. In truth, says Prigozhin, the Ukrainian army is now one of the vital most powerful on this planet.

“If at the start of the special operation they had 500 tanks, hypothetically speaking,” mentioned the Wagner chief, “now they have 5,000 tanks. If 20,000 men were able to fight before, now it’s 400,000. … F*ck knows how, but we’ve militarized Ukraine.”

Putin has controlled to show Zelenskyy right into a hero, the Ukrainian other folks into an emblem for the whole lot excellent, and the Ukrainian army into one of the vital most powerful on this planet. At this fee, different countries may if truth be told begin to imagine in the event that they need to be invaded subsequent.

It’s now not simply Prigozhin and it isn’t simply bloggers who’re beginning to notice how badly this entire factor has long past for Russia. Even on state-sanctioned propaganda tv, the questions are getting a bit of uncomfortable.


“I’ve a query in regards to the strategic defeat of America that you simply discussed as our function. Of route it sounds spectacular, maximum of our audience will find it irresistible. … But I’ve a sense, you can more than likely disagree, however after fifteen months of combating, when we have now now not simplest did not weigh down Ukraine, but in addition may just now not transfer the entrance from Donetsk, neatly, it is a little early to speak about America’s strategic defeat.

The reaction—which incorporates a parable about finding out to leap a two-meter bar by way of simply leaping a two-meter bar—ends with a “Go for it, comrades!” and an insistence that being not able to wrest a kilometer clear of Ukraine does not imply they may be able to’t triumph over the entire United States. It’s each and every bit as nonsensical because it sounds.

Just the place can the Russian army move to search out any recognize on this international? Well, comrade, there’s all the time Fox News.


If you’ll get previous the primary minute, which DeSantis devotes to attacking the “woke” American army, you’ll after all achieve that ray of hope on which Putin should recently hold his long term desires. DeSantis calls the unlawful, unprovoked invasion of Ukraine “what’s going on in Eastern Europe.” Then he says he needs a “settlement,” says he worries about “a wider war,” and the one time he says the phrase “Ukraine” is when expressing how he does not need to become involved there.

Right now, as lots of the international waits for Ukraine’s subsequent transfer, Putin has one hope—the Republican counteroffensive in opposition to democracy.

The mini-invasion of Russia reasons issues for everybody.

When four-score Russian volunteers belonging to a few other teams poured over the border into Belgorod previous this week, shooting a Russian APC, and momentarily laying claims to a couple of villages, there have been some undoubted excellent results. It demonstrated as soon as once more that Russia’s border safety is all however nonexistent. It confirmed that Russia’s Air Force, VDV, and floor forces are incapable of constructing a fast reaction to an incursion, and it strongly hinted {that a} critical army push into Russia may just achieve essential goals sooner than assembly resistance.

If not anything else, it put the concern of orthodox Jesus into the hearts of the ones each outside and inside the Kremlin. Some of the loud wondering of Russia’s movements in Ukraine which can be hitting Russian airwaves this week, have been definitely impressed by way of seeing truckloads of insurgents elevating revolt flags over Russian cities and zipping down Russian highways with no shot being fired.

The Belgorod incursion can even power Russia to detach a few of its front-line troops to position up some pretense of border safety. After all, that is the second one time that anti-Putin Russians crossed the border to interact in army hijinks.

However, those movements also are producing some blowback that Ukraine surely does not need. That contains photographs of United States-delivered cars sitting in a ditch around the Russian border. As politics studies, the United States is now investigating simply how that took place.

US National Security Council spokesman John Kirby mentioned Wednesday the White House is “looking into those reports that the US equipment and vehicles could have been involved,” hinting at frustration in Washington.

Those studies would just about be showed at each and every step, since each the movies stepping into from the Russian insurgents, and the ones put out on the finish of the affair by way of the Russian govt, display American-sourced Humvees and MaxxPro cars, whole with system weapons .

The large fear right here is just the extent of agree with that the United States puts in Ukraine when it arms over any weapon gadget. If those cars have been stolen by way of AWOL Russian volunteers of their try to create their very own “people’s republic,” that is dangerous sufficient. If the Ukrainian army passed over materiel from the United States to a Russian faction with the tacit figuring out it could be used around the border … frankly, neither the Pentagon nor President Joe Biden goes to love that.

Rightly or wrongly, that is going to be considered as a sign that Ukraine both cannot be relied on to do what it mentioned, or that it’s unfortunately missing in army self-discipline. Honestly, if you’ll’t forestall part an organization of troops from taking their guns and going off on a private venture, how a lot army self-discipline do you’ve got? And the results are doubtlessly massive, since a strict situation of long-range guns deliveries is that Ukraine operates them simplest inside of its personal territory. This may just have an effect on the supply of F-16 fighter jets and longer-range missiles, in addition to justify the refusal to ship ATACMS long-range rockets.

The solution to all that is more than likely going to come back right down to this: Will the fellows who limped again over the border, whooping about their large journey, to find themselves paying a value? A worth in relation to visiting the Ukrainian similar of the army jail at Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas. Ukraine would possibly want to make a decision between the neo-Nazi Russian teams they have authorized as volunteers, or the dignity and agree with of the United States—their unmarried maximum essential best friend and largest benefactor. That little journey can have large penalties, and they are now not all excellent for Ukraine.

Russia used to be mendacity about capturing all of the drone boats

On Wednesday, the Russian army launched video of the reconnaissance send. ivan khurs below assault by way of drone boats someplace within the Black Sea. According to that document, Russian forces shot down all of the drones sooner than they reached the send.

Surprise. It turns out Russia lied about that. Because a newly launched video seems to turn, a type of drone boats making touch with the khurs,


Did it organize to motive any injury to the Russian warship? It turns out not likely that the secret agent vessel is on its approach to sign up for its former flagship, however the video signifies that one drone reached its goal and used to be big enough to be sporting vital explosives. In an age the place AI photographs and movies are inside of achieve of the typical social media consumer, it is tough to mention if this video or the only printed previous by way of Russia displays actual occasions. Something like this—grainy, with few landmarks or gadgets within the background—is outstandingly simple to faux.

We more than likely may not know until the khurs limps right into a port someplace, trailing smoke.


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