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The Tarring of ‘CitiBike Karen’

State of the Union: Sarah Comrie is the newest sufferer of America’s “racism shortage.”



Sarah Comrie is the newest sufferer of America’s “racism shortage.” Comrie, a pregnant girl and doctor’s assistant at New York’s Bellevue Hospital, was once recorded previous this month jostling for a CitiBike with a gaggle of black youngsters. She sought after to take the motorcycle, however the youngsters insisted that they’d paid for it. One teen held his hand at the motorcycle as Comrie known as for assist and began crying. One of the teens quipped that her child was once going to be born “retarded.”

On Twitter, Comrie was once branded a “Karen” and accused of “weaponizing her tears.” Progressive commentator Monique Judge cryptically anticipated Comrie “gets everything that’s coming to her.” Bellevue promptly put her on depart, calling the incident “disturbing.” Comrie was once reportedly subjected to loss of life threats, By soliciting for assist and crying “white woman tears,” within the parlance of the Twitter activists, Comrie was once allegedly the use of the specter of deadly police violence to safe use of a motorcycle she hadn’t paid for.

Forgetting, for a second, the ridiculous conceit about law enforcement officials’ propensity to make use of deadly power towards black suspects, it sounds as if the motorcycle did not even belong to the teens. Comrie’s legal professional equipped receipts demonstrating that she, no longer the teens, had paid for the motorcycle, which means it was once the teens, no longer Comrie, who have been making an attempt to take ownership of a motorcycle to which they’d no proper. A pregnant nurse, seeking to get house after a protracted shift, was once placed on depart and subjected to loss of life threats for insisting she have get right of entry to to a motorcycle that she it seems that paid for.

The call for for racism outstrips the availability. Progressives see American politics and tradition as ceaselessly a struggle between benighted black Southerners circa 1955 and excellent previous boy law enforcement officials siccing canine on protestors. They assume the lot of American black folks has no longer meaningfully modified because the center of the twentieth century and because of this have a deep, pent-up sense of indignation unleashed each time they suspect an incident can be utilized for example that racism continues to be a deeply ingrained function of American lifestyles. Because such incidents are increasingly more uncommon, the kinds of incidents leveraged for this function are increasingly more marginal, and the depth of progressives’ reaction is increasingly more disproportionate to the incidents themselves.

Unfortunately for folks like Sarah Comrie, this psychodrama comes to actual human beings, who’re tarred as bigots and made scapegoats to meet the felt want to “prove” America continues to be a racist nation.

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