Sotomayor and Kagan “Go Back To School” Each Other in Warhol v. goldsmith

As a basic topic, the Court’s progressives vote in lockstep. Last time periodJustice Sotomayor agreed with Justice Kagan, no less than partially, in 90% of the circumstances. (The handiest upper affinity used to be between Chief Justice Roberts and Justice Kavanaugh at 97%.) In all circumstances that topic, Sotomayor and Kagan should unite. They are each are left-of-center, however means the regulation from radically other views. Sotomayor is firmly dedicated to her modern ideas, and preaches that message to adoring enthusiasts world wide. In some ways, Sotomayor is sort of a liberal Justice Thomas–and I imply that as a praise. By distinction, Kagan is the shrewd tactician who by no means loses sight of ways to succeed in her objectives over the longer term. I steadily surprise how most of the votes she casts she in truth believes in. In that regard, Kagan is sort of a liberal Chief Justice Roberts–and I do not imply that as a praise.

Like the South Bronx and the Upper West aspect, those two jurists are neighbors, however are worlds aside. And through the years, I believe that quiet conflicts have constructed up at the left. It should be difficult at all times having to carry your nostril and vote in combination. There were a number of fortune cookies and paper luggage through the years.

Yesterday, the ones simmering tensions appear to have boiled over in Andy Warhol Foundation v. goldsmith, Justice Sotomayor wrote the bulk opinion for a 7-member majority. Justice Kagan wrote a dissent, which used to be joined by way of the Chief Justice. The majority opinion stretched 38 pages, and the dissent used to be about the similar duration. (Though the page-count used to be padded by way of many footage.) Both reviews spoke back to one another, over and over. And the tone used to be sharp, and now and then, imply. It reads like a Twitter flame warfare. Let me summarize the case, within the spirit of my previous imagined teams chats. And, within the spirit of the case, I borrowed liberally from the true determination with out quotation.

@Sonia: Apparently @Elena took an artwork historical past elegance in school and an IP seminar in regulation college and thinks she’s a professional on the whole thing. But we’re following *precise* regulation right here.

@ElenaDid you in truth learn campbell and Google, Did you in truth see Warhol’s paintings? Warhol isn’t an Instagram filter out. #NothingComesFromNothing

@Sonia: We are judges, now not artwork critics. Goldsmith’s picture and Warhol’s paintings serve the similar very important function—{a photograph} in {a magazine} article. #NoFairUse

@Elena: They’re now not an identical. #Disembodied #Rotated You doctored the pictures to lead them to glance an identical in #Figure6! #StruggleGold

@Neil and @KBJ: You two want to take a Twitter timeout.

,Soniya: Elena is that specialize in a case that’s not even prior to the Court! #SleightOfHand #Misstatements #Exaggerations

@Elena: Sonia’s reviews are getting ratio’d on account of its ipse dixit, #SelfRefuting

@Sonia: And, by way of the way in which, I in truth litigated highbrow belongings problems. Did you ever litigate anything else @Elena?

@TheChief: Yeah, I need to get in in this. I’ll sign up for Elena’s opinion which gratuitously assaults a member of my Court. #establishment

You’re welcome. I simply stored you from having to learn 80 pages. In candor, Justice Gorsuch’s quick concurring opinion, which used to be joined by way of Justice Jackson, will have to were the opinion of the Court. It controlled to make the entire proper arguments in a couple of pages, with out this JV-squabbling. Would it were so tricky for everybody else to leap send? Justice Thomas, assuming he made this task, would most likely take this one again. I additionally assume had Justice Breyer nonetheless been at the Court, he can have defused those clap-backs. The Stevens paper persistently displays Breyer decreasing the temperature. Now that position falls to (assessments notes) Gorsuch and Jackson?

This opinion “will not age well.” It does not have “much of a future.” Justices Sotomayor and Kagan each want to move “back to school.” I’m hoping this “fifteen minutes” of flame warfare is over.

On a similar, tea-leaf-reading be aware, I noticed that Justice Kagan seemed particularly dour throughout oral arguments in jack danielsAnother IP case. Her slender view of “parody” and remark about now not having a humorousness makes a lot more sense now. Kagan’s defeat in Warhol spilled over into the whiskey case–or is it squeaked differently into the bite toy case. I learn such a lot of puns, blended metaphors, parentheticals, and em-dashes within the Kagan dissent that my mind hurts. I love to assume Justice Scalia can have written a much more forceful dissent in about 10 pages. Nothing comes from not anything, however every so often much less is extra.

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