LIVING RENT-FREE IN THEIR HEADS: CNN and MSNBC Mention Trump 399 Times in 10 Hours (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit | by means of Mike LaChance

Folks at CNN and MSNBC like to bitch about Trump, however it is transparent that they can not are living with out him.

A up to date research of each networks discovered that that they had discussed Trump’s title 399 occasions in simply ten hours.

These networks would possibly oppose Trump politically, however with regards to scores, they want him and completely love to discuss him. It’s transparent that they may be able to’t even assist themselves.

NewsBusters reviews:

OBSESSED: CNN and MSNBC Mention Trump by means of Name 399 Times in 10 Hours

In 2016, former CBS head honcho Les Moonves mentioned Donald Trump’s presence in politics “may be bad for America, but it’s damn good for CBS.” Clearly Moves used to be now not the one community head to have made such an review. On Thursday, simply on CNN and MSNBC, Trump used to be discussed by means of title a whopping 399 occasions between 6:00 am and four:00 pm ET.

Trump’s frontrunner standing within the Republican number one has made him a sizzling subject of dialogue every time a brand new candidate enters the race, and Thursday used to be no exception. In the freshly introduced candidacies of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and Senator Tim Scott (R-SC), pundits at the liberal cable networks discovered two glossy new causes to hold forth about all issues Trump.

MRC analysts used a mixture of are living pronounces and Snapstream transcripts to seek out each and every point out of the previous President on CNN and MSNBC. In simply 10 hours, Trump’s title used to be invoked 399 occasions throughout each networks. MSNBC simply slightly edged out its competitor with 208 mentions (52%), whilst CNN used to be chargeable for the remainder 191 mentions (48%).

This needs to be observed to be believed:

Trump lives rent-free in his head.

Everyone can see it however them.

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