GOP congressman insists Trump’s extremely partisan debt ceiling posturing isn’t partisan in any respect



Todd: “I want you to respond to something former President Trump said about the debt ceiling in 2019. Take a listen.”

TRUMP (CLIP): “I can’t imagine anyone ever even thinking of using the debt ceiling as a negotiating wedge.”

Todd: “Why don’t you agree with him on this?”

DONALDS: “Well, first of all, he also said the other day on a rival network that he said that when he was president, and when asked why he wasn’t saying it now, he said because he’s not president.”

Todd: “Do you know how absurd that sounds?”

DONALDS: “That isn’t absurd. He’s at all times negotiating, Chuck. Chuck, he is at all times negotiating. That’s what he does. That’s in reality some of the the reason why such a lot of offers for our nation labored out to our receive advantages as in comparison to his predecessors, each Republican and Democrat, as a result of he is at all times negotiating.”

Todd: “Do you realize how partisan that sounds…”

DONALDS: “That is not a partisan statement.”

Todd: “… what’s excellent for me isn’t for you. He’s mainly announcing ‘when I’m president, there is not any negotiating in this, however hi there, when someone else is president, screw ’em.'”

Okay, first let’s take a look at the declare that Trump was once an ideal negotiator, as a result of there may be necessarily 0 proof to fortify that.

Trump sought after to go an infrastructure invoice, however that will have taken months of detailed, give-and-take negotiations—and a minimum of a superficial figuring out of what his management was once seeking to accomplish—and none of this is Trump’s sturdy swimsuit, so we were given no infrastructure invoice,

Trump sought after to strike a take care of North Korea. He gave them credibility and one grossly irrelevant, treason-adjacent saluteand in go back they gave us … bupkis,

Trump took a troublesome line towards China on industry. When Republicans—and Trump himself—point out his otherworldly negotiating abilities, his dealings with China are what they are in all probability to the touch on. But the ones talks had been, by means of any cheap metric, an goal failure.


What was once intended to occur: The industry warfare was once billed as a plan to convey China to its knees by means of choking off the all-important American marketplace with 25% price lists on many imports that will rein in america industry deficit, spice up American exports and gradual China’s upward thrust as a world superpower. .

What in point of fact took place: “The trade war with China hurt the US economy and failed to achieve major policy goals,” a up to date research commissioned by means of the US-China Business Council argues, discovering that the industry warfare decreased financial expansion and price america 245,000 jobs.

  • Last 12 months, america industry deficit widened to its biggest on document. In the fourth quarter, america items industry deficit hit its easiest proportion of GDP since 2012 and america present account deficit jumped to its easiest stage in additional than 12 years within the 3rd quarter.

So, certain, Trump would possibly “always” be negotiating, however he is “always” doing it badly.

As for “that is not a partisan statement”—uh, sure it’s. It’s as partisan because it will get. Trump—whose management oversaw an explosion of presidency debt—obviously desires america financial system to crash, as a result of he desires Joe Biden to appear so helpless that Americans are prepared to ship an open, unapologetic insurrectionist (whose insurance policies, by means of the way in which, made the deficit some distance worse) again to the White House. It could not be extra evident. And but the media nonetheless too ceaselessly faux that Republicans’ newest debt ceiling standoff is ready one thing rather than slicing off the oxygen to a all of a sudden making improvements to financial system to be able to harm President Biden. And, Republicans are having a bet, after Biden is fatally wounded, they’re going to be capable to resume keep an eye on and reopen the deficit spigot—this time within the type of extra upper-class tax cuts.

This has at all times been the Republicans’ plan, in fact. Anyone who is paying consideration can see it. It’s so evident, even Trump can see it. He’s merely the one one silly—and cynical—sufficient to mention it out loud. And that by myself must finish his newest marketing campaign to wreck everybody’s lives for some other 4 years. But with vertiginous spin docs like Donalds by means of his facet, he can merely stay the ones absurdities rolling advert nauseam. After all, it is the Republican approach.

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