First Supreme Court Opinion to Contain Nudes (in Color, Yet, and three of Them)?

That’s as of late’s dissent in Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc. v. goldsmith, written via Justice Kagan and joined via Chief Justice Roberts (see pdf pp. 81-83). But I learn america Reports just for the articles.

Note that no less than one decrease court docket resolution, Cariou v. Prince [not the same Prince] (second Cir. 2013), expected this. Law assessment articles had accomplished the similar, I’m positive (I did, as an example, in my Thinking Ahead About Freedom of Speech and Hostile Work Environment Harassment, 17 Berkeley J. Emp. & Lab. L. 305 (1996)), however I consider the Warhol The dissent was once the primary Supreme Court resolution to try this. Please let me know if there is every other precedent I’ve ignored.

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