DeSantis’ place on Ukraine is our army is simply too woke

So how did it cross? Oh, so very badly. It used to be like gazing Dan Quayle looking to fold a fitted sheet.


The drawback with DeSantis is that he has precisely one trick, and he’s going to by no means have every other. He is a gimmick candidate. He reveals a gimmick, and as soon as he reveals one all additional idea leaves his mind as he asserts the gimmick as the solution to all of America’s issues.

DeSantis thinks he can win the presidency through ranting about “woke” Americans, and that suggests it doesn’t matter what query you pose to him you don’t seem to be going to get anything else again however the robot statement that Woke is the actual drawback right here.

How would you cope with the battle in Ukraine, Ron? “Oh, I’d talk about gender ideology, that’ll fix it right up.”

You can not make amusing of that, as a result of Ron DeSantis is self-satirizing. He’s already the punchline to each shaggy dog story. Ah sure, gender ideology. If we un-ideology the genders, that can certainly stabilize the location in and round Bakhmut. I’m severe political particular person.

Like the whole lot else about DeSantis, this can be a borrowed opinion he latched directly to in an try to fake he has reviews of his personal. It’s a scam of the Ted Cruz from nearly precisely two years in the past:

Since the day Cruz tweeted that, after all, the virile and masculine Russian military has been getting its ass kicked through a Ukrainian military that incorporates many, many ladies and is the use of ways discovered from our “woke, emasculated” military to shred Russian attackers who can not coordinate any army operation that makes use of extra automobiles than can also be discovered on your reasonable Denny’s parking zone.

Nevertheless, conservatives have persevered to assert that our military is affected by an intense deficit of grunting neanderthalism, with the far-right Heritage Foundation and Republican legislators alike insisting that this is a new nationwide disaster based totally only on their very own say-so. “Our military is in crisis” has been a go-to Republican speaking level because the days of Ronald Reagan and all through each marketing campaign thereafter. DeSantis could not be troubled to even glance up the previous variations, and why would he when he can simply burp out “woke” and be expecting the decaying husks of the Republican base to twitch in imprecise approval?

Honestly, even this is also giving DeSantis a long way an excessive amount of credit score. We can declare that DeSantis is riffing off an vintage Republican speaking level wrapped up in new “woke” language, however there is not any proof he ever idea that arduous about it.

How are you able to be stuck so unprepared about anything else?


How is that an actual sentence to come back from someone’s mouth?

Sure, the approach to the Ukraine battle is to get “politicization” out of the USA Army. The approach to local weather exchange is that it is “politicization” to say it. It’s “politicization” for an LGBT kid to exist in Florida public colleges. It’s “politicization” if a Florida college professor publishes a dataset that somebody else makes use of to end up DeSantis is filled with shit. It’s all woke, all of the manner down, simply the wokiest woke ever, and handiest this weasel-backed skilled doppelgänger can type all of it out.

This guy is so now not in a position for this. This is Scott Walker ranges of now not in a position. You can not one-trick-pony your self via a whole marketing campaign cycle. Ron DeSantis is an automaton built for the only function of uninteresting us all to loss of life.


Worst. Children’s e book. ever.

If you might be questioning what DeSantis supporters suppose his Ukraine battle solution will have to to had been, worry now not. They needed to haul up Musk friend David Sacks to give an explanation for what DeSantis would have mentioned had the hydraulics now not crapped out on the maximum inopportune second.


The solution, then, is that DeSantis’ stance at the Ukraine battle is no matter stance it’s going to take to get Fox News conspiracy host Laura Ingraham to prevent speaking about it. Since Fox News and Republicans have settled right into a pro-Russia stance that will see Ukraine divided up and Russian kleptocrat Vladimir Putin rewarded with no matter territory the birthday party can provide him, that is DeSantis’ stance now, too.

Well, that and “gender ideology” operating rampant. God, it could be beautiful to peer DeSantis provide an explanation for his theories of wokeness and gender to a Ukrainian lady conserving a rocket launcher. The guy must get himself and a digicam to Ukraine, stat.


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