DeSantis Has Little Chance Of Beating Trump

The Economist: “Despite his stumbles in recent months, Mr. DeSantis is a clever and driven man. He may regain his lean and hungry look and let slip the dogs of war. Many voters will pay close attention to the televised debates, the first of which will be held in August in Wisconsin (although the former president may not participate). Mr DeSantis could point out that the national debt soared by $8 trillion during Mr Trump’s presidency; that crime and illegal immigration both increased despite all the former president’s big talk on both scores; that covid-19 was poorly contained and that another epidemic, of wokeness, became more rather than less contagious during his presidency…”

“Such barbs could draw some blood. If wielded with enough force and frequency, they might even fell a man as mighty as Caesar. Luckily for Mr Trump, he is facing a fractious, squabbling and timid bunch.”
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