Default looms, seniors panic, House to move on spoil

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“It feels like I’m living on the edge of a cliff,” 63-year-old Melissa Fields instructed The Washington Post. She lives on $1,388 a month, plus Medicare and Medicaid. “I’m so scared. I’ve been disabled my whole life and have always depended on my Social Security, my Medicaid, my Medicare. To threaten to take that away is unfair, it’s cruel. The prospects [of] … being suddenly without money or health care is too much to bear.”

Fields wishes dialysis each day and has to pay a portion of that price. She is $12,000 in debt and struggles to make minimal bills on her bank cards. This could be very actually lifestyles or demise for her.

People like Fields aren’t on the most sensible of Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s thoughts. He’s sending the home house Thursday for an extended Memorial Day weekend that may remaining till June 5. Members were instructed they could want to go back to the Capitol on 24-hour understand if an settlement between McCarthy and President Joe Biden is reached. The closing date for a deal stays unchanged: June 1 or very in a while thereafter.

With all that, Republicans are nonetheless keeping up the fiction that they are protective Social Security, Medicare, and veterans via now not concentrated on advantages within the draconian deal they are seeking to pressure on Biden and the country. That’s purely lip provider, as a result of what Republicans are seeking to pressure is financial disaster.

In reality, Republican National Committee Chair Ronna McDaniel stated so, out loud and in public, on Fox News. A default can be blamed on Biden, she insisted, now not the Republicans who would have pressured it. “This is a president that is failing the American people. So I think that bodes very well for the Republican field.”

Another Republican rooting for that crisis is Freedom Caucus man Rep. Chip Roy of Texas, whose number one task at the moment is reminding McCarthy that he is on skinny ice, “I am going to have to have some blunt conversations with my colleagues and the leadership team,” he stated in a radio interview Thursday. “I don’t like the direction they are headed.” The Freedom Caucus place is not any negotiating, duration, and forcing the Senate to cross the budget-slashing invoice the House handed remaining month.

That places McCarthy in a bind. Roughly 30 Freedom Caucus participants insist they may not vote for anything else that is not within the plan they pressured in the course of the House remaining month, because of this McCarthy must glance to Democrats for votes. Passing it with Democratic votes would enrage the Freedom Caucus, probably resulting in an effort to oust McCarthy from the speaker’s chair.

Meanwhile, all 213 Democratic have signed directly to the discharge petition that may pressure a blank debt ceiling hike onto the ground. That’s team spirit. But to be triumphant, they should to find 5 Republicans prepared to sign up for them; the maneuver calls for a easy majority of House participants. That method a minimum of 5 Republicans should be prepared to place other folks like Melissa Fields forward of other folks like Chip Roy. That must be a very easy name—however they are Republicans, finally.


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