Pirichain opens a new door new era for using blockchain

The new era of using blockchain concept are created by Pirichain Technologies.

As we know that, nowadays blockchains are only focusing on financial issues. And there are unlimited problems which in commercial areas. Futhermore most of problems occured by traditional systems.However most of them can solve with blockchain concept if its being correct model.

Pirichain works as a blockchain. In addition it is able to store customized data up to 20kb. And anyone can store their data without any speciality. And they can query and analyze data helping with Smart Scenario. Smart Scenarios is written by Javascript Language. And Javascript is very simple and easy language to learn.

As we see that below Fig. 1.2. Example of multiple swapping in Smart Scenario is written. And this scenario allows to send token to two different address according to PIRI coin quantity.

When smart scenario executed by any user, System will check permission of executor wallet. And if there is no restriction to execute, system will check scenario balances. And if it has enough asset then system will send token defined multiple addresses.

You can find our explorer pages, And we filled an example parameters like below image.

So , when we execute this scenario then system will create a new transaction like below two images fig 1.2 and fig 1.3.

Fig 1.2 transaction detail 1/2
Fig 1.3 transaction detail 2/2

We explained a new concept. You can create a new transaction which allows to send multiple tokens or send one token to multiple different addresses as seen Fig.1.3.

This is the new concept and it can solve kinds of problems by written smart scenarios. And its so easy to create a new Smart Scenario.

Example of transaction in Testnet (notice please, this is the testnet, you won’t find below url in mainnet): https://scanner.pirichain.com/transaction/f826ae6846e4deb1dc8f454562367d7ccc97fa784a11064b6aaa7af49bc54964

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