GammaX: learn&earn and airdrop

What is GammaX?

It is and Orderbook-based perpetual DEX, that uses StarkEX technology. StarkWare, KyberVentures are among the investors, and the current state is closed beta.

If you are familiar with DeFi and Dex most of them will look simple, and, don’t get afraid of the duration as indicated in the preview: the videos usually last a couple of minutes.

If you use referralyou can get more points:

Olimpio released a thread on January, addressing how to earn up to 3000 points. I completed all the quizzes (a very quick thing) and I am currently at 4000, as more quizzes are being released.

In their dashboard, you can see the ranking, further tasks and infos, as well apply for testnet.

If that’s what you are interested in, they are giving out the testnet spots during community calls. Last one is today, as by their discord. Keep updated, try to attend & get one. You will get an email with an invitation then.

Once whitelisted to their Testnet, you can set buy & sell market orders, put limit/stop positions and trade with leverage.


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