BOOM BOOM is not NY lighting fixtures going OUT – it is AFTERBURNERS on Florida firing UP

Feeling pret-tea boastful presently about my house state, sure sirree, Bob.

And now not for the primary time, both. But in the midst of some beautiful wretched financial numbers and a fully abysmal management doing it is best to sink the rustic in a morass of fiscal misery and racial department, the entire whilst doing their damnedest to deride and damage the entirety Americans as soon as held expensive, Florida is like an oasis of calm, sanity, braveness, and FREEDOM,

It’s certain taking a look as though we are Floridians are not the one ones who assume soboth.

Today, Governor Ron DeSantis introduced that Florida has the bottom unemployment fee some of the most sensible 10 biggest states within the country at 2.6 %as Floridians see persisted financial steadiness spurred on partly by means of the thriving tourism trade. Between January and March of 2023, Florida noticed a document 37.9 million guests, the most important quantity of tourists ever recorded in one quarter, In April 2023, Florida’s unemployment fee was once 2.6 % for the fourth consecutive month.which is 0.8 proportion issues less than the nationwide fee of three.4 %, Florida’s statewide unemployment fee has remained less than the nationwide fee for 30 consecutive months since November 2020.

To set up Yowsahs. Poor Democrats. They bleat piteously among themselves, convincing each and every different issues are going a definite approach – their approach – and, as they are living in a liberal/lefty echo chamber, all of it sounds just right till somebody ruins it…

…after which somebody else is available in and ruins it some extra.

Sure, friend – that mouse’s were given severe fangs. He’ll certain display Florida, may not he?

,CUE: unhappy trombone,

The Equality Florida LGB alphabet soup advocacy crew guys had whipped themselves into the sort of lather, they might even known as for a boycott on their very own state as a result of we are so stuffed with haters and hate slates.


How’s that boycott going, dudes, gerbils, and non-binaries? As I’ve posted ahead of, we are anticipating about 200K LGBwhatever+ sorts in for our annual Memorial Weekend Pride thingee right here in Pensacola. This boycott without a doubt hasn’t affected them, the governor and legislature’s fresh paintings hasn’t both, and, it sounds as if, the previous 3 months price of vacationer numbers don’t replicate any affect out of your have compatibility of pique, duration. #fail

say. ,rubbing chin,

Just for schlitz and giggles. Have you ever puzzled what those Lefty crew sorts make for spinning their wheels continuously? I imply, they do not produce a lot rather than gaseous emissions and noise with heartburn in between. But they are at all times elevating cash and grifting grants, so…are they slumbering in a VW bus at the seashore FOR THE CAUSE or what?


Holy crap bet now not,

Screencap @matthewwerth

I swear, the entire DEI/ESG/BLM/alphabet soup/and many others scams are a GOLDMINE, Who knew? Over 1 / 4 million greenbacks a work, In a non-income tax state, even?

Schweet gig if you’ll be able to get it – even higher if you are now not in reality superb at what you do.

In a actually encouraging signal, it is beginning to glance as though now not everybody who’s shifting this is clinging to the blue philosophies that power them out of states like New York or California.

What those new Florida citizens left – in contrast to what the blue inflow has completed to puts like Austin – should have in reality red-pilled a just right share of them.

The GOP registered voter pick-up numbers are shocking.

Through April 2023, Florida Republicans have prolonged their lead over registered Democrats by means of over 116,000, the information displays.

In November, Republicans led Democrats by means of a bit of over 350,000.

Less than six months later, that lead now stands at 472,780 – and continues to develop by means of tens of hundreds monthly,

Both events are shedding electorate, although.

Since overdue 2022, Republicans misplaced round 18,000 electorate. However, their increasing lead over Democrats can also be attributed to Democrats shedding electorate at a a lot more fast tempo.

Over the similar period of time, Florida Democrats misplaced a large 134,583 electorate – greater than 600% quicker than Republicans,

All this, no revenue tax, and nobody can take our fuel stoves both.



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