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Hugo Lowell of the Guardian stories that Trump legal professional Evan Corcoran saved notes that display Number 45 used to be advised that he may now not retain categorized paperwork.

Federal prosecutors have proof Donald Trump used to be placed on realize that he may now not retain any categorized paperwork after he used to be subpoenaed for his go back closing 12 months, as they read about whether or not the next failure to totally conform to the subpoena used to be a planned act of obstruction via the previous president.

The in the past unreported caution conveyed to Trump via his legal professional Evan Corcoran may well be vital within the legal investigation surrounding Trump’s dealing with of categorized fabrics given it displays he knew about his subpoena tasks.


The caution used to be one among a number of key moments that Corcoran preserved in kind of 50 pages of dictated notes described to the Guardian over a number of weeks via 3 folks with wisdom in their contents, which prosecutors have considered in contemporary months as central to the legal investigation.

Daniel Rothberg of the Nevada Independent seems on the parts of a tentative proposal via Arizona, California, and Nevada to preserve water from the Colorado River.

The seven US states that use water from the Colorado River — overlocalized and shrinking in provide with a warming local weather — reached a temporary deal Monday that officers say will avert a near-term scarcity throughout a watershed that helps about 40 million folks within the Southwest.

In a letter Monday, negotiators for the states, together with Nevada, defined a consensus proposal for federal officers to believe as they appear to stabilize Lake Mead and Lake Powell, the river’s major reservoirs, which reached document lows all over the worst extended drought in 1,200 years.

The plan commits the 3 states that draw on lake mead — Arizona, California and Nevada — to preserve 3 million acre-feet of water over the following 3 years because the negotiators flip their consideration to long-term making plans for the river. The tips that dictate how the river’s complicated gadget of reservoirs are controlled, together with all over instances of scarcity, are set to run out in 2026.

While the three million acre-foot deal represents an important lower over 3 years, it’s a long way lower than the two million to 4 million acre-feet of annual cuts the United States govt stated used to be important closing 12 months (an acre-foot is the amount of water that may fill kind of one soccer box to a intensity of one foot).

Zack Beauchamp of Vox issues out that MAGA activists are coming to Fox News on account of Fox News’ dealing with of gender identification problems within the office.

The inciting incident is a Monday morning tale within the Daily Signal, the media arm of the conservative Heritage Foundation assume tank. In the tale, reporter Mary Margaret Olohan writes that Fox’s worker guide permits workers to make use of “bathrooms that align with their gender identityrather than their biological sex,” lets them “dress in alignment with their preferred gender,” and calls for that their coworkers use “their preferred name and pronouns in the workplace.”

Many of Fox’s laws on this space seem to be consistent with state regulation: The corporate’s headquarters are in New York, the place state regulation explicitly prohibits discrimination at the foundation of gender identification (one thing Olohan notes in passing however does not stay on). Fox advised me in a written commentary, “FOX News Media is compliant with all Human Rights laws mandated by the cities and states in which we operate, including New York and California.”


Matt Walsh anti-trans podcaster on the Daily Wire lead the price, According to Walsh, Fox is “actively working to suppress conservative voices”—an obvious connection with the community’s ouster of Tucker Carlson — “while promoting leftism in its most radical form” and thus “must get the entire Bud Light remedy, (Bud Light has been focused via a boycott marketing campaign at the proper after partnering with trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney.)

So Fox News will have to defy the rules of a state the place they’re headquartered…were given it!

Paul Krugman of The New York Times examines the converting macroeconomics of operating from house and decreased commuting.

First issues first: The relief in commuting time is a critically large deal. Before the pandemic, the typical American grownup spent about 0.28 hours in line with day, or greater than 100 hours a 12 months, on work-related shuttle. (Since now not all adults are hired, the quantity for employees used to be significantly upper.) By 2021, that quantity had fallen via a couple of quarter,

Putting a greenback price on the advantages from decreased commuting is hard. You can not merely multiply the time stored via common wages, as a result of folks most definitely do not view time spent at the street (sure, most of the people power to paintings) as totally misplaced. On the opposite hand, there are lots of different bills, from gas to put on and tear to mental pressure, related to commuting. On the 0.33 hand, the choice of faraway or hybrid paintings has a tendency to be to be had principally to extremely trained employees with above-average wages and therefore a prime price related to their time.

But it isn’t exhausting to make the case that the total advantages from now not commuting each day are similar to a acquire in nationwide source of revenue of a minimum of one and perhaps a number of proportion issues. That’s so much: There are only a few coverage proposals more likely to produce beneficial properties on that scale. And sure, those are actual advantages. CEOs would possibly rant about lazy or (in line with Musk) “immoral” employees who do not wish to return into their booths, however the objective of an economic system isn’t to make bosses satisfied.

Now that the third-place finisher in Turkey’s elections, Sinan Ogan, has counseled incumbent president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan for the second one spherical of elections this coming Sunday, Kemal Kirisci and Berk Esen of Just Security seems at what the long run holds for Turkey.

However, the true lesson to be realized from this contemporary electoral luck is to acknowledge that, in an technology of authoritarian consolidation world wide, it’s exceedingly tough to defeat populist autocrats who seize the important thing checks-and-balances of the democratic gadget. It isn’t glaring that the opposition’s time table for a pluralist democracy comfortable with Turkey’s ethnic, social, and non secular range used to be followed wholeheartedly via the citizens. Yet, the election effects additionally recommend that Turkey is a deeply divided society preserving or adhering to 2 other conceptions of democracy, and that Erdoğan now not enjoys the strengthen of an electoral majority.

Should Erdoğan be successful within the runoff, as seems most likely, it is going to be fascinating to peer how he’s going to deal with the wreckage his closing time period has left in the back of — financial, institutional, infrastructural (particularly within the earthquake-hit area), and in international coverage. Time will inform whether or not he’s going to be capable of stabilize the Turkish economic system and repair family members with the West, if he’s even serious about doing so. There are already alarming indicators that the financial disaster will aggravate after the election. Daron Acemoğlu, an economics professor on the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), notes that it isn’t glaring that Erdoğan shall be ready to deal with the sort of disasterhaving to make a choice from two politically tough choices: returning to orthodox insurance policies or implementing capital controls.

Either means, Erdoğan will quickly wish to get ready for the March 2024 native elections, when the rustic’s greatest municipalities, lately managed via the opposition, shall be up for grabs. This electoral defeat within the presidential and parliamentary elections will weaken the opposition events, however now not knock them out totally. The CHP nonetheless controls probably the most primary metropolitan governments, equivalent to İstanbul, Ankara, and İzmir, and feature in style leaders with nationwide enchantment equivalent to İstanbul Mayor Ekrem İmamoğlu and Ankara Mayor Mansur Yavas.

Finally lately, Russian unbiased media group Medusa examines the speculation and historical past in the back of the characterization of the Russian folks as a “subservient nation.”

In making an attempt to provide an explanation for why Russians have now not “simply overthrown Putin,” some contemporary critics have reverted to an outdated trope, calling Russia a “subservient nation.” When Georgia’s legislature thought to be adopting a regulation oninternational brokersthat resembled law Russia has used during the last decade to suppress dissent, protestors in Georgia screamed “Russians! Are Slaves!” And in October 2022, Ukraine’s former international affairs minister Volodymyr Ohryzko stated“The Russian nation is a subservient nation that doesn’t understand what free will or self-governance are.”

And it isn’t simply an concept imposed on Russia from the out of doors. The pupil Olgerta Kharitonova arguments in her e book Voina and Feminism (War and Feminism) that “the Russian nation has never had the historical opportunity to develop a social consciousness other than subservience.” And the Russian journalist Ilya Varlamov has stated that Russian faculties instill “a subservient consciousness.” The Communist Party of the Russian Federation has used the similar phraseology to provide an explanation for their electoral losses and voter passivity within the 2016 elections. In March of closing 12 months, Putin himself defined Russians’ want to reside within the West as “subservient consciousness.”

“A subservient nation” is a very outdated tropeconceived via international guests to Russia after which picked up via portions of the Russian intelligentsia.

Have the most productive conceivable day everybody!

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