White Alabama City Councilman Refers To Colleague As ‘House N*****’

The Alabama Democratic Party is asking for the resignation of a white lawmaker after he referred to a fellow councilmember as a “house n****r” right through a Monday evening (July 19) assembly.

“Do we have a house n****r in here?” Tarrant City Councilman John “Tommy” Bryant stated, regarding City Councilwoman Veronica Freeman, who’s Black. “Do we? Do we?” he added.

AL.com reports that Bryant stated he was once best repeating what Tarrant Mayor Wayman Newton, town’s first Black mayor, known as Freeman.

In a Tuesday evening interview with WVTM, Bryant claimed his use of the n-word and Newton’s alleged use of it’s other.

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“He said it in a derogatory manner, I said it so people would know what the mayor said,” he stated. “The mayor was being derogatory toward Veronica Freeman when he said that.”

In a observation to AL.com, Newton denied the use of the n-word about Freeman and added, “The video speaks for itself,” in connection with Bryant pronouncing the racial slur on the council assembly.

Attendees on the assembly are heard gasping after Bryant used the racist explicative. The Alabama Democratic Party is urging Bryant to renounce, labeling him “a racist and unfit to serve.”

“Alabama still has a long way to go when it comes to race, but cozying up to the KKK and using the n-word should make you unfit to serve,” Wade Perry, the celebration’s govt director, stated in a observation, in line with AL.com. “These racists belong in the history books with Bull Connor and George Wallace, not on the taxpayer’s payroll.”

“The Alabama Republican Party is deeply troubled by the racially charged outburst and disrespect shown by Councilman Tommy Bryant. Such language is completely unacceptable in any setting, and even more concerning coming from an elected official,” Alabama Republican Party Chairman John Wahl said in a statement. “We are proud to have Mayor Wayman Newton as a member of the Jefferson County Republican Party and deeply appreciate his commitment to serving his constituents honorably, even in the face of adversity.”

Wahl didn’t say whether or not he believed Bryant will have to renounce.


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