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It’s no secret Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos love a good Instagram selfie. But how does their son Michael Consuelos really feel about their posts? 

The 24-year-old gave his take at the couple’s fresh holiday pics right through the July 22 episode of Live With Kelly and Ryan. It all began when Ryan Seacrest requested Michael for his ideas at the pictures Kelly and Mark took at the circle of relatives’s commute to Italy. While the co-host did not move into specifics, he looked to be regarding a snap Kelly shared of Mark checking out her butt by the pool

“The one recently where it was the…,” Michael clarified ahead of trailing off. When his mother requested which one he supposed, her eldest kid spoke back, “You know what I mean.”

However, the subject temporarily switched gears after a unique photograph—the “PG-rated one,” as Michael known as it—flashed around the display. This image confirmed Mark posing with Michael and 18-year-old Joaquin Consuelos in Alberobello at evening. It used to be then in comparison to the picture the 50-year-old actor took when it used to be his flip at the back of the digital camera and he forgot to show at the flash. The finish consequence used to be an eerie shot of his spouse, additionally 50, and sons’ silhouettes and Mark getting trolled by Kelly for his photography skills.

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