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Name: Elizabeth Jones

Occupation: Project coordinator

Number of children: 2

Favorite sweet bar: A excellent darkish chocolate salted caramel sweet bar

Tell us about your circle of relatives, and what is your childcare resolution?

My husband, Patrick, and I’ve two boys, Dawson (3.5) and Colton (1). We each grew up in small NC cities and met at NC State as next-door-neighbors. We each paintings out of doors of the house (even supposing occasionally within the house as a result of, you recognize, the pandemic and stuff). The boys move to university full-time at a neighborhood church.

Where do you’re employed, and what’s a standard workday like for you?

I paintings within the Paleontology Research Lab on the NC Museum of Natural Sciences. I’m the undertaking coordinator for a brand new public science undertaking, “Cretaceous Creatures,” that engages eighth grade science lecturers and scholars throughout NC and past in making their very own microfossil discoveries. I’m additionally a historian of science and creator. A normal day for me comes to ingesting sizzling espresso (luxurious!!!) at my pc and sending emails. When I’m on the museum, I am getting to paintings with paleontologists, educators and virtual media team of workers to create the fossil kits, lesson plans, web pages and movies for this public science undertaking. There are dinosaur fossils everywhere the lab, and it is beautiful surreal to be operating along subject matter this is thousands and thousands of years outdated.

What motivates you to paintings? How do you love to loosen up?

I actually love this verse from Proverbs 24: 3-4: “By wisdom a house is built, and by understanding it is established; by knowledge the rooms are filled with all precious and pleasant riches.” My goal for the year, personally and professionally, is to make decisions that will bring peace and “precious and pleasant riches” to my home. I’m not doing a great job at it so far, but I’m working on it, or at least thinking about working on it!

What is your favorite part of motherhood?

I got into this work because of a paleontologist who also happened to be a Christian, and I met her at a time when I was not a believer. As I continued my career in history and paleontology, I ended up coming back around to my faith. I have this feeling that working in this field is something that Jesus has called me to, but I don’t really know why or to what end.

How do you like to relax?

I like running, doing yoga, drinking wine, reading books, watching Netflix and taking showers. The usual. I take a hot shower every night but need to find more time to do the other things!

What is your favorite part of motherhood?

This is probably unpopular to say, but I love watching my babies grow up. I love watching them change into the little toddler, preschooler, and person who God has made. And as they grow and change, we do too as parents, becoming more fully the people God has made us to be. It’s a weirdly wonderful and humbling experience.

What does Restored mean to you? How has it impacted you personally?

My first real introduction to the Restored community was through the 6-week Jonah Bible study during the height of the pandemic. It just felt so good and so right to be a part of this kind of community.

What is one of your favorite Restored events to date? Why is it your favorite?

I’ve been out of town or unavailable or who knows what for most of the Restored events. I absolutely hate that I missed the Social Media & Motherhood event with Sharon Hodde Miller and Molly Stillman because these women are wonderful with their words and wisdom.

Can you share how you overcome challenges related to the “mom chaos” that settles in when you’re feeling pulled in 100 instructions?

LOL. Generally, I take anxiety medication, see my amazing therapist and get massages almost monthly. Specifically, Eve Rodsky’s book and “card game” Fair Play has been a game changer in helping me recognize and respect the mental, emotional and physical work that goes into being a mother who has a job outside of the home in order to name tasks and divide them more equally with my partner. The naming of the things that are pulling you in 100 directions is the best place to start.

Besides your faith and family, what are you passionate about?

I’m captivated with folks and development relationships. That’s been laborious to do as a operating father or mother of little kiddos as a result of I wouldn’t have a lot time or power to put money into previous, provide or long run relationships. So, for now, I’ll acknowledge the season for what it’s and what it’ll no longer all the time be, and I’ll put money into the little folks in my space (and my husband) for now!

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