Why the Ability to Rethink & Unlearn Is So Important

An excellent guide I stopped final 12 months (in 2021) is Think Again through Adam Grant. Grant says the power to reconsider (or suppose once more) and unlearn behavior is as necessary as the power to suppose and be told. We must spend as a lot time rethinking our issues and our assumptions as we do interested by them. Successful other folks undertake a psychological flexibility that permits them to be professional rethinkers. Rethinkers embody being incorrect and failing, whilst additionally updating their perspectives.

Here’s an excellent, however tragic instance:

In 1994, on Storm King Mountain in Colorado, top winds led to a fireplace to blow up throughout a gulch. Running uphill on rocky floor with protection in view simply 200 ft away, fourteen smokejumpers (firefighters who parachute in to the web page of a woodland hearth) and wildland firefighters—4 ladies, ten males—misplaced their lives. When extinguishing the fireplace and even containing it’s not possible, those firefighters wish to shift from struggle to flight. Instead of losing their heavy apparatus and gear and operating as speedy as they may to protection, they clung onto (as they have been taught and educated to do) their heavy gear and kit (eg, axes, chainsaws, shovels, and different heavy gears).

Later, investigators calculated that with out their gear and backpacks, the staff will have moved 15 to twenty % sooner. “Most would have lived had they simply dropped their gear and run for safety,” one knowledgeable wrote. Had they “dropped their packs and tools,” the United States Forest Service concurred, “the firefighters would have reached the top of the ridge before the fire.” -Adam Grant (Think Again)

As Grant explains: If you are operating on your existence, it could appear evident that your first transfer could be to drop anything else that would possibly gradual you down. For firefighters, even though, gear are crucial to doing their jobs. Carrying and taking good care of apparatus is deeply ingrained of their coaching and enjoy, and beneath excessive pressure, those firefighters reverted to their computerized, well-learned responses.

“If you’re a firefighter, dropping your tools doesn’t just require you to unlearn habits and disregard instincts. Discarding your equipment means admitting failure and shedding part of your identity” (2021, p. 7).

Thinking once more can assist us to generate new answers to previous issues, and in addition revisit previous answers to new issues. It’s a trail to studying extra from the ones round us. We wish to let cross of information and critiques that don’t seem to be serving us properly anymore, and anchor our sense of self in flexibility moderately than consistency. If we will grasp the artwork of rethinking, we’re going to be higher situated for luck at paintings and happiness in existence (Grant, 2021).

“Most of us take pride in our knowledge and expertise, and in staying true to our beliefs and opinions. That makes sense in a stable world, where we get rewarded for having conviction in our ideas. The problem is that we live in a rapidly changing world, where we need to spend as much time rethinking as we do thinking.” -Adam Grant (Think Again)

“Rethinking is a talent set, however additionally it is a mindset. We have already got most of the psychological gear we want. We simply have to keep in mind to get them out of the shed and take away the rust.” -Adam Grant (Think Again,

Written By: Steve Nguyen, Ph.D.
Organizational & Leadership Development Leader


Grant, A. (2021). Think Again: The Power of Knowing What You Don’t Know, Viking.

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