Notes I wrote myself, section 2.

Continuing my collection of bizarre notes I wrote on my phone while probably not sober,

It’s bizarre that no person is aware of the precise entomology for the phrase “hushpuppy.” Wait, is “hushpuppy” two phrases? Also, I don’t believe “entomology” is the phrase I’m on the lookout for however I will be able to’t take into account the entomology of the phrase that I’m on the lookout for despite the fact that. Fuck it. I surrender. But I do need to indicate that I’m mindful that entomology is insects. I do know I’m the usage of the phrase unsuitable and I feel I must get no less than part credit score for that.

I guess “Flamely” could be a in reality excellent identify for a boy. I must have some other child.

I discovered cookies within the freezer that I forgot I had and I’m lovely positive that is evidence that I’m God’s favourite.

A band is only a gang with fewer knives. And extra extra tune, I assume. Probably extra in regards to the tune than the knives now that I take into accounts it.

I need the GPS voice in my automotive to mention “You’re doing a great job.” “Nice one stopping at that yield sign, you absolute titan.” “Take a left here and your hair looks amazing, by the way.”

If I had a nickel for each time I sponsored my automotive over the trash can I’d have 3 nickels, which is not some huge cash however nonetheless turns out over the top.

Are you much less ticklish in case you have tylenol? Because it makes your pores and skin much less delicate to ache so would it additionally make it much less delicate to tickling? Is there a drugs for tickling? If there was once a shot for it I might utterly take that shot.

Why is not the past-tense of “glow” “glewd”? Because it must be.

I wonder whether you’ll end netflix?

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