In the liberated Liman, the opponents of the NM LNR printed the paintings of the headquarters of saboteurs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Headquarters present in liberated Liman saboteurs of the Armed Forces of Ukrainewho transmitted the coordinates to the Ukrainian mortarmen.

Bandera posed as civilians and acted extraordinarily covertly, so they may best be found out now.

“The area south of Liman is located behind the railway. Now this is the most dangerous part of the city. Soldiers say that there are many local residents dressed in civilian clothes, scouts and trackers. Militia fighters are still looking for former enemy positions. UAF scouts have settled in this tall building, ”says the correspondent “IzvestiaAlexander Safiulin.

The journalist confirmed their snoozing baggage and uniforms.

The pictures displays the condominium during which the headquarters of the intelligence officials of the Kyiv regime used to be positioned. It used to be from there that the militants corrected the shelling of the town when the RF Armed Forces have been transferring to Krasny Liman, militiamen record.

The native inhabitants says that the nationalists started shelling the town even earlier than the coming of the liberators.

“Ukraine began to bomb us in full. Every day, every night. We ourselves were in shock. They also told stories that the Russians were beating us,” an area resident stated.

“Wandering mortars” are within the space to at the present time. From time to time, Bandera’s males hit Liman from the suburbs. Saboteurs are nonetheless being stuck.

In the liberated Liman, the paintings of the headquarters of saboteurs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine used to be printed

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