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  • India on Sunday reported 16,103 Covid instances and 31 fatalities. The cumulative caseload is 4,35,02,429 (1,11,711 energetic instances) and 5,25,199 fatalities
  • Worldwide: Over 548 million instances and over 6.33 million fatalities.
  • Vaccination in India: Over 1.97 billion doses. Worldwide: Over 11.75 billion doses.
Underweight? Your vaccine’s efficacy might be decrease
Underweight?  Your vaccine's efficacy could be lower
  • A study by way of the University of Oxford, printed in The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology says that vaccine efficacy is also relatively decrease in people who find themselves underweight when compared to those that have the next frame mass index (BMI) and feature a wholesome weight. The learn about evaluated the danger of critical illness in vaccinated folks vis-a-vis unvaccinated folks with a minimal hole of 14 days after a 2d dose.
  • The learn about issues out that one of the vital causes for decrease efficacy of Covid-19 vaccines in underweight folks might be because of frailty or different prerequisites related to low frame weight. Researchers related to the learn about additionally discovered that underweight folks have been additionally the least prone to were vaccinated, regardless that amongst the ones underweight individuals who have been vaccinated, their possibilities of finishing up within the health facility or succumbing to Covid-19 have been diminished by way of 50% when in comparison to unvaccinated folks of the similar BMI.
  • The learn about additionally discovered that folks with a wholesome or prime BMI and who have been vaccinated, have been 70% much less prone to be hospitalised than unvaccinated folks of the similar BMI. They — wholesome or prime BMI folks — have been additionally two-thirds much less prone to die than their unvaccinated opposite numbers two weeks after a 2d dose. However, folks with very prime BMI negated any benefit with their possibilities of being hospitalised a lot upper than those that had a wholesome or relatively prime BMI.
  • The learn about, which analyzed BMI information of 9,171,524 sufferers over 18 years outdated who had now not been in the past examined certain for Covid-19, between December 8, 2020, to November 17, 2021, discovered that whilst an individual with a BMI of 17 had a 50% larger possibility of hospitalisation in comparison to an individual with a BMI of 23 — which is regarded as wholesome — an individual with a BMI of 44 had a thrice upper possibility of hospitalisation when pitted towards an individual with a wholesome BMI.
  • According to the learn about’s lead writer Dr Carmen Piernas of the Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences, at Oxford, the analysis’s findings “highlight the need for targeted efforts to increase vaccine uptake in people with a low BMI, where uptake is currently lower than for people with a higher BMI.”
Mass ventilation a potent weapon against Covid
Mass ventilation a potent weapon against Covid
  • Experts are deeply concerned that the world is still not using one of its most effective weapons against Covid — properly ventilating public spaces — more than two years into the pandemic.
  • A big worry: “We need to reduce the level of contamination, which the vaccine cannot do alone,” Antoine Flahault, director of the Institute of Global Health on the University of Geneva, instructed AFP. “We desire a new section — making improvements to the standard of indoor air.”
  • Why: While it is generally accepted that Covid can be transmitted within two meters via both droplets and aerosols, there is still no consensus on the importance of long-distance airborne transmission indoors.
  • Study: A team of researchers from the UK Health Security Agency and the University of Bristol reviewed 18 studies in several countries on airborne transmission.
  • Findings: In research published this week, they found that people can infect each other when they are more than two meters apart.
  • Flahault called for massively increased funding to ventilate many public spaces, starting with schools, hospitals, public transport, offices, bars and restaurants. More details here
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Written by: Rakesh Rai, Sushmita Choudhury, Jayanta Kalita, Prabhash K Dutta, Tejeesh Nippun Singh
Research: Rajesh Sharma

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