Knock knock.

shared a vintage catch-22 that did not catch any, explaining “ is in the middle of a Reddit outage (actually, after the outage has been “restored” and we are “tracking the placement”). The whole point of hosting a status page separately is so that it does not share common failure mechanism with the site being monitored!”


And a unique form of no-win scenario from
Michael R.
will have to be referred to as a “catch-0”? As he says, “You just cannot win in this one.”


Stephen D.
“I was never too impressed with Goodreads’ ability to suggest books, but I’m now wondering if I should seek out short stories that combine horror and system administration. Wait, that’s the same thing!”


horror villain
Slashee the Cow coincidentally obliges with a plot abstract “I was afraid this external hard drive was failing, but I guess I have nothing to worry about! Shame I just ordered a replacement though.”


And common reader

nails the denoument “Now I just need to find the feedback form for the feedback form.”



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