Nashville school shooter hid seven firearms in house. News24

Police said elementary school shooter Audrey Hale was able to buy and conceal multiple weapons in the family home despite evidence of mental health issues. The shooter had been receiving treatment for an “emotional disorder”, and Hale’s parents believed their child had bought and later resold a single gun. Armed with two assault rifles and … Read more

Police response video released after Nashville school shooting | News24

Police in Nashville on Tuesday released body camera video showing officers’ response to the shooting at an elementary school that left three students and three staff members dead. The six-minute video, posted to YouTube, shows police making their way from classroom to classroom, weapons drawn, as they search for the shooter while emergency alarms wail. … Read more

Nashville shooting: Police search for clues in ‘manifesto’ after former school student kills 6 | News24

Investigators looking into the killing of six victims at a Christian school in Nashville, Tennessee have reason to believe the shooter harbored “some resentment for having to go to that school” as a child. Three children and three adults were shot dead on Monday when a former student, armed with two assault-style weapons, gained entry … Read more

Biden calls for assault weapons ban after Nashville shooting | News24

US President Joe Biden called on Congress to pass an assault weapons ban after six people, including three children, were killed in a school shooting in Nashville, Tennessee on Monday, the White House said. “We have to do more to stop gun violence. It’s ripping our communities apart,” Biden said at the White House. “I … Read more

WATCH | Satellite images show Mississippi town before and after tornado | News24

Satellite images show the scale of destruction in Rolling Fork, Mississippi after a powerful tornado tore across the US. US President Joe Biden has approved an emergency declaration for Mississippi after a powerful storm tore across the state, killing at least 25 people there and one in Alabama. The powerful storm that spawned at least … Read more

Biden holds second democracy summit amid doubts over progress. News24

US President Joe Biden PHOTO: Omar Marques/Getty Images World leaders will gather virtually this week for the second US-organized Summit for Democracy. The event involves 120 countries, civil society groups and technology companies and will include strategically important nations where rights groups have expressed concerns about the state of democracy. Rights advocates have praised the … Read more

WATCH | Severe Weather: Tigers break loose, trees snap like pencils in Georgia storm | News24

Two tigers escaped from the Wild Animal Safari in Pine Mountain in the US state of Georgia as a tornado ripped through the region on Sunday morning. Both animals have been located, tranquilised and placed in a more secure enclosure, according to the Wild Animal Safari. “It was pretty intense trying to find them. We … Read more

Mississippi faces more extreme weather after tornado kills 25 | News24

Storm-ravaged Mississippi struggled with the aftermath of a huge tornado that tore across the southern US state, killing at least 25 people. Dozens of people have also been injured, and officials say the death toll could rise. Residents of Mississippi and Alabama have been warned of potential new “supercell thunderstorms” that could “produce a few … Read more

WATCH | ‘Most everything wiped away’: Tornado kills at least 25 in Mississippi | News24

The tornado cut a path of more than 100 kilometers across Mississippi on Friday. Twenty-five people have been killed, dozens more injured, and four others reported missing have been found. According to monitor, some 4 800 customers were without power in Mississippi. At least 25 people were killed by devastating tornadoes that ripped across … Read more

Trump to rally at site of deadly anti-government siege. News24

Donald Trump stages his first presidential campaign rally at the site of a deadly 1993 standoff between an anti-government cult and federal agents. The rally comes amid a torrent of increasingly bellicose statements by Trump claiming a “witch hunt” by prosecutors who are pursuing cases against him. The 76-year-old called last weekend for protests against … Read more

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