Friend Has Temper Tantrum Over Ride Being a Lyft Not an Uber

People will pitch a have compatibility over absolutely anything. It’s a situation like the only now we have right here that would possibly make you dangle a deeper appreciation for the nice pals that you’ve got controlled to search out on this lifestyles. You know, like the buddies that do not insist on staging a … Read more

How does Grab generate profits?

Grab gives merchandise reminiscent of supply, insurance coverage, and promoting however nonetheless make from automobiles and taxis There used to be a time when it gave the impression of Uber would triumph over the globe, because the ridesharing corporate used to be increasing unexpectedly into new markets. It did not somewhat end up that approach, … Read more

Taxi and rideshare drivers rally outdoor City Hall to lift meter charges

NEW YORK — New York City Taxi, Uber and Lyft drivers will rally for a lift Monday outdoor City Hall. Meanwhile within, the TLC will hang public hearings on motive force bills and source of revenue. The New York Taxi Workers Alliance desires the TLC to extend meter charges and cap bills. They need all … Read more

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