The 10 Best Sheets for Hot Sleepers of 2023, Medically Reviewed

Similar to Tencel, viscose is derived from the wood pulp of fast-growing regenerative trees (like bamboo, in this case). However, bamboo sheets arguably win the battle of eco-friendliness. The fabric is durable, soft, moisture-wicking, and and boasts antibacterial qualities. Silverman recommends this type of fabric (and this specific product) to those who often wake up … Read more

Jet lag hits differently depending on your travel direction. Here are 6 tips to get over it. CNN

Editor’s Note: The views expressed in this commentary are solely those of the writer. CNN is showcasing the work of The Conversation, a collaboration between journalists and academics to provide news analysis and commentary. The content is produced solely by The Conversation. CNN , After a few difficult years of lockdowns and travel restrictions, people … Read more

Qigong Mental Health Benefits + How To Get Started

Qigong helps you regulate the flow of energy through your body, which directly impacts how you feel both physically and emotionally. The word qigong literally translates to qi or chimeaning “vital force” or “life energy,” and Gongwhich means “practiced skill.” According to Chinese medicine, chi is synonymous with lifeand its most essential characteristic is movement. … Read more

Top 8 Healthy Sleep Habits

March is Sleep Awareness Month. Do you toss and turn all night? Do you wake up before dawn and can’t fall back to sleep? Do you have trouble drifting off? As women age and experience different phases of life, hormonal changes can disrupt both sleep quantity and quality, impacting mental and physical health. The good … Read more

This Sleep Supplement Is More Effective (& Safer) Than Melatonin

As board-certified sleep expert Michael Breus, Ph.D.previously explained to mbg“Melatonin is a sleep regulatorNot a sleep initiator. Melatonin does not make you feel sleepy; it tells your body it’s bedtime. Those are two completely different processes in the brain.” That bedtime reminder function might make melatonin relevant in the short-term when traveling across several time … Read more

Sleep Disorders Show Up Differently In Women, Says An MD

At least some of the sleep differences between men and women are thought to be a matter of biology. The hormonal shifts2 that women experience through puberty, menstruation, pregnancy, and perimenopause are all known to impact sleep quality. There’s also a social element at play. Generally speaking, there’s an expectation put on women to care … Read more

After I Tore My ACL, My Sleep Went Downhill

As told to Erica Rimlinger March is Sleep Awareness Month. Have you ever counted sheep to fall asleep? My approach was a little different on nights before big races. I’d shut my eyes and instead of counting sheep, I’d start counting gates in a race course. I’d visualize the downhill course from the starting gate … Read more

The 11 Best Mattress Toppers Of 2023, Medically Reviewed

Made with three inches of soft foam material, this topper provides pressure relief and adapts to your weight, body shape, and temperature. Handy elastic straps keep it secure throughout the night, and a high-stretch moisture-wicking, removable, and machine-washable cover protects it from stains. This pick is cool to the touch, a treat for anyone who … Read more

4 Ways To Hack Your Hunger Hormones, From A Functional MD

Cravings are fueled by dopamine, says Shah, as opposed to nourishing your body. That said, you can “hack” those cravings by giving yourself a big burst of dopamine in a slightly altered way. Enter, intermittent rewards. “Intermittent, unexpected rewards have the biggest burst of dopamine and the highest chance of getting embedded in that pathway,” … Read more

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