Maqui Berry: 5 Surprising Benefits You’ll Want To Utilize

“Oxidative stress occurs when the cells in our bodies react to oxygen-reactive species, which can negatively impact our cellular signalling,” optometrist Victor Paul, OD, of DeCesare Eye Care, tells mindbodygreen. “Environmental stressors—including UV rays and pollutants, to name a few—increase free radicals in our bodies.” In a 2015 randomized controlled trial (RCT) published by the … Read more

How Collagen Supplements Can Help Support Skin In Menopause*

Hormones influence our skin cells in ways big and small. One of the bigger ways? Collagen production. ,Estrogen2 is key for the normal functioning of the skin as well as the blood vessels, hair follicles, oil glands, and our pigment-producing cells called melanocytes. It is associated with collagen production, increased skin thickness, increased hyaluronic acid … Read more

Should You Wash Your Face In The Morning? Here’s What A Pro Says

Let’s be clear: If you already swear by skipping a morning cleanse, then don’t worry about changing up your routine. Some skin types, particularly dry and sensitive skin typesmay benefit from a simple water rinse in the morning rather than a full cleanse. However, Rouleau suggests considering a morning wash for the sake of serum … Read more

The Benefits Of Marine Botanicals For The Skin

It’s not always the case that what’s good for the gut is equally beneficial for the skin, but in the case of sea vegetables, there’s quite a bit of overlap. Sea veggies—like kelp, algae, chlorella, and spirulina, for example—are hailed as superfoods in nutrition, as they are loaded with antioxidants, minerals, proteins, and fatty acids. … Read more

A Hand Cream To Help Keep Hands Supple & Healthy

Our special strain of postbiotics Provides skin with very specific fatty acids and peptides that have been shown to soothe inflammation, help protect skin against environmental stressors, regulate microcirculation, and activate the skin’s immune system. For added support, we also included prebiotics to make sure that the living flora already present on the skin are … Read more

Is Skin Care TikTok Gen Z’s New Magnified Mirror?

No matter what skin concern you’re dealing with, obsessing over your skin won’t help. In fact, going on SkinTok every day can spark “skin anxiety” from scratch. As content creator Natalie O’Neill (@natalie_oneillll on TikTok) explains in this video“skin anxiety” could manifest in many ways, from constantly looking at your skin in the mirror, regularly … Read more

Tattoo Aftercare: Lifestyle Habits, Best Products, + FAQ

Here’s the big misconception: Petrolatum jelly isn’t the best product to lather on a fresh tattoo. “Mineral oil or petrolatum jelly is essentially suffocating to the skin, so it won’t allow the tattoo to breathe,” Zurita says. “You do need areas, like cuts, scars, and burns, to eventually breathe and get air so they can … Read more

12 Best Under-Eye Patches 2023 For Puffiness, Fine Lines & More

Does 24K gold make the eye mask feel a whole lot fancier? Absolutely. However, the ingredient has some skin care benefits of note: According to Nichols, gold acts as a natural antioxidant, and it has anti-inflammatory properties ideal for reducing irritation and puffiness. “The true benefit to gold, however, is that it helps increase the … Read more

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