Enhanced Azure Arc integration with Datadog simplifies hybrid and multicloud observability

Businesses today are managing complex, distributed environments and need a ubiquitous computing platform for all workloads that can meet them where they are. We’ve seen an increasing need for customers to not only deploy, manage, and operate across on-premises and one or more clouds, but also to have better visibility and insights across all IT … Read more

South Korea maintains ‘full readiness posture’ as North Korea fires short-range ballistic missile | News24

North Korea has upped the ante for “real war” on Sunday. The country fired ballistic missiles for the fourth time in a week. South Korea and the US are conducting a joint drill known as Freedom Shield. North Korea fired a short-range ballistic missile on Sunday, Seoul’s military said, the fourth show of force in … Read more

Despite ICC arrest warrant, Putin makes surprise visit to Mariupol in first trip to fallen city | News24

Russian President Vladimir Putin visited Mariupol. Russian forces captured the Ukrainian city. Putin also visited Sevastopol. Russian President Vladimir Putin made a surprise visit to Mariupol, state media reported on Sunday, his first to the city since it was captured after a lengthy siege at the start of Moscow’s offensive in Ukraine. The trip comes … Read more

‘Stopping the war is everyone’s wish’: China President Xi Jinping plays peacemaker on Russia visit | News24

China seeks to promote itself as an international peacemaker. President Xi Jinping will visit Russia to discuss the Ukraine war. Ukraine is unlikely to accept China as a neutral party. Chinese President Xi Jinping heads to Russia on Monday hoping to deliver a breakthrough on Ukraine as China seeks to position itself as a peacemaker. … Read more

Protect against cyberattacks with the new Azure Firewall Basic

Cyberattacks continue to rise across businesses of all sizes as attackers are adapting their techniques and increasing the complexity of their operations.1 The risk of these attacks is significant for small and medium businesses (SMBs) as they usually don’t have the specialized knowledge or resources to protect against emerging threats and face more challenges when … Read more

Monitor Azure Virtual Network Manager changes with event logging

Today, our customers establish and manage their Azure virtual networks at scale. As their number of network resources grows, the question of how to maintain connectivity and security among their scale of resources arises. This is where Microsoft Azure Virtual Network Manager comes in—your one-stop shop for managing the connectivity and security of your network … Read more

Azure WAF guided investigation Notebook using Microsoft Sentinel for automated false positive tuning

With special thanks to Pete Bryan, Principal Security Research Manager, Microsoft Security. The SQL injection attack remains one of the critical attacks in the OWASP Top 10, and it involves injecting a SQL query via the input data field into a web application without input validation. according to Microsoft Digital Defense Report 202267 percent of … Read more

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