Kitten Gets Her First Bath, Meows Adorably In Protest (Video)

Hey y’all! lately we were given to witness Cat Man Chris give a smol kitty an excessively important first bathtub. Cat Man Chris is a Youtube sensation and self-proclaimed “crazy cat guy (and proud of it)! Cat Man Chris had this to say about giving a little kitty her first bath. “She used to be … Read more

Aircraft Carrier USS Kitty Hawk Completes Final Voyage to Scrapyard

The decommissioned plane provider USS Kitty Hawk finished its adventure to Brownsville, Texas, this week the place she will probably be scrapped via International Shipbreaking Limited (ISL). The vessel, commissioned in 1961 and decommissioned in 2009, arrived in Texas Tuesday after being towed from Bremerton, Washington, MyRGV reported, ISL held a rite for her arrival … Read more

Eager Kitty Is Emotionally Invested In The Washing Machine Jingle, Sits Paw-tiently Fully Entire Cycle Just To Catch It

Have you ever felt emotionally invested in a track? Surely everybody can relate to this sense. Sometimes we now have songs that stick in our brains for eternity because of the significance of the person who confirmed them to us. Sometimes we turn into attached to theme songs from our favourite television sequence, films, or … Read more

Itty Bitty Kitty Squad Refuses To Fall Asleep Peacefully, Cutely Squeaks The Night Away (Video)

Hi buddies. Over right here at ICanHasCheezburger we are living our lives in probably the most feline-centric approach humanly conceivable. We are living for our kitty cats, they’re our largest lovers and primary supporters. We live, breathe, and love feline goodness. Not each cat on this international is as fortunate as those we’ve at house, … Read more

Cat Called Gizmo Captured On Camera Trying To Finagle Treats Out Of The Kitty Cam

“Source of This Article:- “ We cat other people know that cats sure can be hooligans, it is simply of their nature. And boy, what they would not do for a scrumptious deal with. The little man featured on this foolish video put his hooliganery at the leading edge of his kitty cam. No, actually, … Read more

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