Kath-Kuni: A singular era, neither cement nor iron, 1000’s of such homes in Himachal

Dark Mode Himachal is also a favourite vacationer vacation spot to consult with, however there are lots of such issues of outdated age, which you’re going to be shocked to find out about. There are 1000’s of homes made from Kath-kuni method. Know the whole lot about it… TV9 Bharatvarsh | … Read more

31 killed in flood-landslides in lots of states of the rustic, 22 misplaced their lives in Himachal by myself

Highlights 31 other people died in hilly spaces and japanese plains because of heavy rains At least 22 killed in floods and cloudburst incidents in Himachal Nearly 4 lakh other people stranded in 500 villages because of heavy rains in Odisha Shimla/Dehradun: Monsoon rains prompted flash floods, landslides and area collapses, killing no less than … Read more

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