Greece welcomes back ancient art amid pressure on British Museum

The restitution of Parthenon artefacts from the Vatican increases pressure on the British Museum to react to a campaign launched by Athens 40 years ago. Greece has welcomed the Vatican’s return of ancient artefacts from the Acropolis, furthering a campaign to press the British Museum to hand back a collection of sculptures taken from the … Read more

Greek parties bleed votes between a train disaster and election

Athens, Greece – Anastasia Adamidi’s fellow students describe her as a brilliant young woman. The 24-year-old dentistry postgraduate student from Cyprus was heading to the Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki late on February 28. She was to start her second semester on March 6. But her family held her funeral on that day instead, and the … Read more

‘Serious’ safety faults in Greek rail network, says watchdog | News24

A railway watchdog in Greece uncovered signs of poor staff training after 57 people died in an accident. Two trains collided on March 3 after freight and passenger trains were allowed to run on the same track. The railway authority blamed the Hellenic Railways Organization for ‘inadequate training’. Greece’s rail watchdog on Friday said a … Read more

Demonstrators clash with police over Greece rail crash | News24

Riot police in Athens on Thursday clashed with protesters during a demonstration to express outrage over last month’s train tragedy that killed 57 people, AFP reporters said. Television footage showed the clash broke out at the Greek capital’s central Syntagma Square near parliament, as a demonstration of some 25 000 people passed by. Police fired … Read more

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