China gave huge loans to some countries. Now it’s spending billions to bail them out. CNN Business

hong kong CNN , For the past decade, China has lent massive sums to governments across Asia, Africa and Europe, growing its global influence through infrastructure megaprojects and becoming one of the world’s biggest creditors. Now, a new study says Beijing has also become a major emergency rescue lender to those same countries, many of … Read more

Why Corporate America has grown silent on gun violence. CNN Business

new york CNN , America’s biggest companies rushed to strengthen their gun safety policies after the mass shooting at a high school in Parkland, Florida, in 2018. Dick’s Sporting Goods stopped selling semi-automatic, assault-style rifles at stores. Citigroup put new restrictions on gun sales by business customers. A year later, after mass shootings at a … Read more

Banks aren’t out of the woods yet and neither is the economy. Here’s why. CNN Business

CNN , Markets saw severely this week when two of the US economy’s most prominent leaders gave seemingly contradictory statements on the health of the banking sector. Expect more turbulence ahead. Fresh off of the Federal Reserve’s decision on Wednesday to hike interest rates by a quarter point, Fed Chairman Jerome Powell said in the … Read more

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