8-Year-Olds Declare Their Independence from Eating Vegetables

Wrooster within the Course of child occasions, it turns into important for one technology to forget about the no truthful meals regulations of every other, and to devour the yummy issues to which the Laws of Nature and Chef Boyardee entitle them, a good recognize to the critiques of mum and dad calls for that … Read more

Mosquitoes Review Me | Points in Case

Fiona M.4 Stars I’ve flown round Ian repeatedly however by no means stopped in for a meal. Glad I did! Good blood, rapid provider—I used to be out and in. Terrance M.4 Stars Went for date evening with my SO. Great atmosphere—sufficient frame hair to come up with the money for some privateness however no … Read more

The Parking Garage Is Compromised, So How About We Trade Federal Secrets at La Romantica?

Thank you for bringing me right here. I’m completely sure the underground parking storage you instructed was once compromised. That’s why I’ve selected La Romantica. As some distance as someone right here is aware of, we are only one extraordinarily good-looking journalist and one extraordinarily to be had lady sharing bruschetta. The Post nonetheless pay … Read more

Common Complaints About Our Clones

Congratulations for purchasing the clone we manufactured from you at GeneMake, Inc! We made a clone of everybody within the tri-city house within the month between when the generation was once created and when cloning was once made unlawful. Getting in below the twine like that implies that we’re the one position on the town … Read more

The Reviews of My Short Story Collection Are Positively Glowing

“His use of classes provides a way of finality to his sentences. Each of his tales leaves you with the sense that it used to be written.”— Entertainment Weekly “Other writers create characters that come alive off the page, while Erickson creates characters that stay where they belong.”— Dallas Morning News “Makes you glad to … Read more

Why You Should Only Cut to Me Laughing During This Comedy Special Taping

I know there are such a large amount of other folks right here this night to strengthen this hilarious man however I simply sought after to drag you apart to will let you know you will have to be pointing your digital camera at me. I’m certain other folks ask you always however I’m certified … Read more

A Connecticut Yankee Fan in King Arthur’s Court

One minute I used to be slipping off the ladder within the loft the place I stay my 1998 season memorabilia, the following I used to be waking up on a hillside overlooking an attractive castle, with flying buttresses and dozens of pennants flapping within the breeze. I used to be rubbing my aching head … Read more

I, Clark Kent, Resign from Speedwriting Listicles at The Daily Planet

Dear crew, I’m emailing this letter to the team of workers and posting it on my website online to announce that I’m quitting The Daily Planet as of late. Unfortunately, I’m not able to complete the articles assigned to me this week about “Instagram Hacks for Becoming More Self-Involved,” “Why Having A Yacht Will Make … Read more

How to Combat Your Internalized Misogyny within the Form of a Horrible Little Gremlin

As fashionable ladies, we are used to combating misogyny, whether or not it is on the workplace, the membership, or the mysterious crypt beneath our nice aunt’s mansion. Still, even probably the most ardent feminist on occasion struggles with internalized misogyny, or even probably the most cautious crypt-explorer on occasion bumps her head and spills … Read more

Guac: The Expense Tracking App for Buying More Guacamole

Being alive is costly! Between expenses, gasoline, hire, and weekly groceries, it may be onerous, nay not possible, to have the ability to save lots of. Thanks to emerging inflation and dormant salaries, it’s possible you’ll in finding your self residing paycheck to paycheck, not able to spend your cash on what issues maximum. Things … Read more

Episode Titles and Descriptions for a New and Overlong True-Crime Series

Episode 1 “The Murder”: Disembowelment at Lake Wallenpaupack goes to modify your lifestyles! This gut-wrenching, two-hour premiere introduces all the key gamers investigating Derek Khan’s mystifying homicide in the summertime of 2021. Episode 2 “The Lake”: Lake Wallenpaupack is now tainted, there is blood within the water, and it is sending devastating ripples throughout the … Read more

Oh, No, I Just Remembered I Left the Front Door Unlocked and the House on Fire

Greaat information, youngsters: we are virtually there! Just a couple of extra miles to move, after which we’re going to be in a position for a amusing day at–oh, shoot. I simply door remembered one thing: I left the entrance of the home unlocked and the kitchen on fireplace. Sorry, guys, however we are going … Read more

Announcing Our New Human | Points in Case

From: ,[email protected],To: Subject: Announcing our new human and my realization that Heather is in reality, in reality sturdy! Dearest family and friends, Heather and I are delighted to announce the arriving of our new individual, River Ryan Jackson, who got here into the arena on Friday at 4:36 AM. River and Heather are wholesome, glad, … Read more

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