Podcast #286 – Interview with Kate Casey of the “Reality Life” Podcast & Some “Bachelorette” Spoilers – Reality Steve

“Source of This Article:- “https://realitysteve.com/2022/05/12/podcast-286-interview-with-kate-casey-of-the-reality-life-podcast-some-bachelorette-spoilers/ Share Tweet Share Share Email Fun times this week as Kate Casey from the “Reality Life” podcast joins me again to discuss all things reality TV in shows that I’m not watching, but I’m guessing a lot of you are. … Read more

Casey White and Vicky White’s 11 days at the run: Summary and timeline

“Source of This Article:- “https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/casey-white-vicky-whites-11-days-run-summary-timeline-rcna28363 After they eluded government for greater than 10 days and made it about 300 miles north from Alabama to Indiana, the end came swiftly for former corrections officer Vicky White and the capital homicide suspect she used to be accused of serving to break out, Casey White. Police discovered Vicky … Read more

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