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Signature Management

“Signature management” is a word most of the people can be unfamiliar with. I best turned into concerned with it when studying the United States executive UFO file launched by means of the Director of National Intelligence in June this 12 months. According to the file, UFOs seem to make use of signature control.

What is signature control?

We all give off what may well be described as signatures, or clues, to our presence. In an army surroundings, those signatures can expose the presence of squaddies or apparatus in a battle state of affairs, so hiding or minimizing them could be a strategic merit – therefore, signature control.

A easy instance of signature control could be camouflage clothes which hides somebody or makes it harder for the individual to be observed.

What does signature control need to do with UFOs?

The point out of signature control within the UFO file is rather the most important admission. Signature control is intelligently managed so this implies the Pentagon has said that some UFOs are intelligently managed. However, the reason for UFOs adopting, or showing to undertake, signature control is totally other to the reason our militaries have of their use of it. In the case of our militaries, that is to realize a bonus over their enemies however this isn’t the case with the extraterrestrial spacecraft observed in our skies.

The books, lectures, addresses, journals and newsletters of The Aetherius Society element strange insights into UFOs, their applied sciences, the individuals who perform them, and, most significantly, the explanation they’re visiting us. This knowledge comes via and from Dr. George King, founding father of The Aetherius Society, who used to be in touch with extraterrestrial Spiritual Masters from 1954 till his passing in 1997. A learn about of those fabrics unearths many examples of what may well be described as signature control applied sciences.

Here are a couple of examples of the way UFOs would possibly, or would possibly not, use signature control.

visible signature control

Camouflage clothes would possibly offer protection to somebody from being observed by means of someone else, but it surely does not assist relating to being observed by means of infrared era which presentations the temperature of items. Through an infrared digicam a human frame can be visual as a result of the warmth it offers off.

The combustion engines of motorized cars additionally generate warmth when in operation in addition to liberating warmth via their exhaust device. For a combustion engine to be hidden from an infrared digicam, some way of lowering, hiding or disguising the warmth can be required.

In the e book Contacts With The Gods From Space, Dr. King studies that UFOs are powered no longer by means of combustion engines, however by means of a sophisticated device of magnetic propulsion. We do not know the way this works however this kind of complicated era would no longer generate warmth in the way in which a elementary combustion engine would generate warmth, or most likely no longer even any warmth in any respect. So if a UFO used to be noticed via an infrared digicam with out appearing any hint of warmth then the army would possibly believe this a type of signature control, but it surely may well be that that is only a consequence in their awesome propulsion era. There is just no warmth, or signature, to be controlled.

UFOs can use signature control with regards to radar. UFOs are secure by means of a magnetic drive display which interferes with radio reception. Radar era makes use of radio waves, and “jamming” – or interference – with radio alerts is continuously reported when UFOs are noticed as it will intervene with how UFOs are tracked on radar.

This drive display additionally reasons footage taken of UFOs to be blurry which is among the the explanation why it’s so tough to procure excellent footage of them.

UFOs have additionally steadily been described as disappearing or blinking out and in of life. They do that via era which is massively awesome to anything else we have now on Earth. They have era which permits them to transport from one degree of vibration to any other and due to this fact seem to blink out of life. When they do that they’re nonetheless visual, however they’ve moved to any other degree of vibration and are best visual on that degree of vibration, no longer ours.

Sound signature control

If an object breaks the sound barrier it makes a sonic growth. UFOs, then again, were noticed to damage the sound barrier with out making any sound in any respect. This may just imply they’re managing the sound signature as they do that, however it might additionally imply their complete device of flight is totally other to what we consider. Their era is so complicated that it is conceivable that there’s merely no noise produced after they transfer quicker than the rate of sound.

Why do UFOs show off signature control?

It’s essential to notice that none of those examples are as a result of UFOs wish to achieve an higher give up us in an army sense. Their era is so massively awesome to ours that the theory of ​​us being any roughly danger to them is laughable.

The best more thing laughable is the theory of ​​them being a danger to us. They have such superiority over us that if that they had sought after to workout this they might have accomplished goodbye in the past and our civilization would not exist! Even extra of a explanation why than this, regardless that, is the truth that, all the way through our historical past, they’ve labored tirelessly to give protection to and information us as we fight to conform, as has been broadly documented by means of The Aetherius Society.

Signature control may be utilized by UFOs as some way of demonstrating their superiority in a delicate manner, with out inflicting us hurt. There are many different cases of them showing to do that – as an example, disabling nuclear missiles has been reported more than one instances. In any other file a UFO being noticed by means of an plane seemed to disappear, just for the radar operator to tell the pilot that it used to be now looking forward to him at his predetermined rendezvous level which used to be recognized best to a handful of other people. In this situation the UFO did not seem to have any explanation why to do that rather then to show that it knew the place this location used to be.

The instance of Satellite Number 3

The Aetherius Society has, for the reason that Fifties, reported at the presence of a big extraterrestrial satellite tv for pc that comes into orbit of Earth 4 instances according to 12 months referred to as Satellite Number 3, The controllers of Satellite Number 3 have selected to make themselves invisible to the human race, so this is able to rely as a type of signature control. Here are the phrases of Dr. George King from his e book The Nine Freedoms describing the explanation Satellite Number 3 comes into orbit, in addition to the way it stays undetected:

The Third Satellite is a colossal spacecraft managed by means of the Martian Adept—Mars Sector 6. This comes into an orbit of Earth for a number of classes each and every 12 months, the dates of which can be all the time given previously and printed in Aetherius Society subject material. The classes of those orbits are referred to as, “Magnetization Periods.” During a “Magnetization Period,” all in point of fact selfless religious actions carried out on behalf of mankind are potentized precisely 3,000 instances as a result of the extremely concentrated and sparsely balanced power waves radiated from Satellite No. 3. So finely are those energies mixed and manipulated by means of the skilled astro-metaphysicians at the spacecraft, that by no means can they be used wrongly or for egocentric functions.

The Satellite is completely invisible to bodily human eyes and it can’t be detected by means of radar.

Invisibility of the Satellite is led to by means of revolving the photons, which might in most cases be emanated by means of gentle mirrored image from the hull of the craft, in a 360 stage arc throughout the magnetic drive display across the vessel.

The Satellite can’t be detected by means of terrestrial radar since the particle emission radiated during the radar antenna isn’t allowed to be mirrored after collision with the mass of the vessel. These energies are absorbed into a unique display across the spacecraft making radar detection unattainable.

There are excellent causes for the Space Intelligences adopting either one of those precautions. It will have to be identified that once any power is mirrored by means of an object, the power debris are, to some extent, conditioned by means of that mass via collision.

So minutely actual are the power radiations from Satellite No. 3 that their refined stability and predicted effects can be disenchanted by means of commonplace gentle mirrored image and undoubtedly by means of radar pulse mirrored image.

It is tricky for unusual Earth brains to completely respect a science as actual as that practiced on Satellite No. 3, however cautious learn about and implemented not unusual sense will quickly inform you that so as so to obviously predetermine a psycho-spiritual consequence, all interfering components should be eradicated from the chain of development which ultimately leads as much as that consequence.

Satellite Number 3 is an illustration of the era of the Cosmic Masters which is massively extra complicated than ours, and it’s balanced with a spirituality which could also be massively extra complicated than ours.

It is a surprisingly refined spacecraft of compassionate aliens with the selfless reason of serving to us the use of their complicated era and deep working out of god,

While insights into their era and the way their craft perform are interesting, of a ways higher significance is their message and the instance they supply us of tips on how to are living.

The Cosmic Masters paintings tirelessly to assist us and their assist is freely to be had to any person with the precise reason who needs to make use of it. They are an excellent instance of provider to others.

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