Short Lessons at the Value of Money

Last week TED-Ed printed a brand new video lesson titled Why Can’t Governments Print an Unlimited Amount of Money? The objective of the video is to provide an explanation for how governments, specifically the United States federal govt, have been in a position to spend trillions of bucks on COVID-19 financial aid methods within the closing 12 months. The video explains the position of central banks in controlling the cash provide and the ideas of inflation and quantitative easing. There may be a proof of presidency bonds, why they are bought, and who buys them. Overall, it is a cast video for heart college or highschool scholars. 

Why Can’t Governments Print and Unlimited Amount of Money? is the most recent of many movies about cash and economics that TED-Ed has printed over time. A pair that dovetail with the most recent video come with What Gives a Dollar Bill Its Value?, What Causes Economic Bubbles?, and What Causes an Economic Recession?

Applications for Education
Before appearing both Why Can’t Governments Print an Unlimited Amount of Money? or What Gives a Dollar Bill Its Value? I’d ask scholars to take into consideration some merchandise they acquire and what contributes to the cost and or value will increase of the ones merchandise.

All of the movies are appropriate as introductions to bigger courses. To that finish, I could have scholars watch the movies in EDpuzzle the place they are able to solution some questions in regards to the movies as an task.

Here’s an outline of how to create an assignment in EDpuzzle.

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