Challenging The Data ‘Status Quo’

Pablo Mlynkiewicz, Chief Data and Analytics Officer and Selva Sánchez, Data Analytics Manager, Naranja X For some time now, changes in society and in consumer habits have made immediacy a central element for both companies and customers. This situation prompted those businesses who were not digital natives to begin the shift towards a … Read more

CCP Threatens Elon Musk, Warns Him Against Promoting Wuhan Lab Leak Report

The CCP threatened Elon Musk after he dared to publicly agree that Covid-19 was a product of Fauci’s gain-of-function research at the Wuhan lab. Elon Musk also shared the latest Department of Energy’s report claiming Covid leaked from the Wuhan lab. The Chinese Communist Party issued a warning to Elon Musk through its state-run media. … Read more

Announcing Ray support on Databricks and Apache Spark Clusters

ray is a prominent compute framework for running scalable AI and Python workloads, offering a variety of distributed machine learning tools, large-scale hyperparameter tuning capabilities, reinforcement learning algorithms, model serving, and more. Similarly, Apache Spark™ provides a wide variety of high-performance algorithms for distributed machine learning through Spark MLlib and deep integrations with machine learning … Read more

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Migrate Overseas

Moving abroad is a popular choice for young adults looking to gain new experiences and build valuable life skills. Many choose to migrate overseas for work opportunities as it helps you to build the future you want. Most developed countries have more opportunities for work and education than developing countries like India. For example, there … Read more

Parent’s nightmare: 5th grade teacher sued for calling a girl a boy’s name until she felt suicidal

A teacher at an elementary school in Long Island is accused of pressuring a 9-year-old girl to question her gender identity and sexuality to the point that the girl was openly discussing suicide. Her parents have now sued the school district and the teacher claiming that she pressured their daughter toward a trans identity as … Read more

Let’s Do Public Health Better

BY KIM BELLARD Eric Reinhart, who describes himself as “a political anthropologist, psychoanalyst, and physician,” has had a busy month. He started with an essay on nejm about “reconstructive justice,” then an op-ed in The New York Times on how our health care system is demoralizing the physicians who work in it, and then the … Read more

Youth Lagoon Announces New Album ‘Heaven Is a Junkyard’, Releases New Single

Trevor Powers has announced his first new album under the Youth Lagoon moniker in seven years. The follow-up Savage Hills Ballroom is called Heaven Is A Junkyardand it arrives June 9 via Fat Possum, Today’s announcement coincides with the release of the new single. ‘Idaho Alien’alongside a Tyler T. Williams-directed video. Watch and listen below. … Read more

What to see, do, and eat in Cape Town

Welcome to Cape Town! Or if you don’t speak Afrikaans, Welcome to Cape Town! While it’s unlikely to see everything this vibrant city has to offer in a mere 24 hours, we’ve highlighted some must-sees and must-dos if you had one full day to run around Cape Town. Morning Rise and shine! Tie up your … Read more

Perspective – ‘Fire of Love’: The story of a love triangle between two humans and volcanoes

, Shows , perspective Issued on: 28/02/2023 – 12:19 06:55 PERSPECTIVE © FRANCE 24 The woman behind a new Oscar-nominated film that documents the lives of two French volcanologists has described it as the story of a “love triangle” between two human beings and volcanoes. Katia and Maurice Krafft roamed the planet for two decades, … Read more

National Audubon Society to Celebrate “The Birdsong Project” at Benefit Event

White-crowned Sparrow. Photo: Lisa Sproat NEW YORK (February 28, 2023) — Following last year’s release of “For the Birds: The Birdsong Project,” the National Audubon Society announced that it will gather to celebrate the organization’s ongoing work protecting birds and the places they need at its Benefit event on March 29, 2023. The Audubon Benefit … Read more

Whistleblower Video Confirms Chicago Housing Authority is Leaving Homeless Americans on the Streets in Favor of Illegal Aliens

Project Veritas on Tuesday released whistleblower video confirming the Chicago Housing Authority is leaving homeless Americans on the streets in favor of illegal aliens. “The mayor [of Chicago] hasn’t signed the bill for Americans to be permanently placed.” – one homeless whistleblower told PV. “They told me that those [migrant] families were a priority over … Read more

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