What Is An Athame Knife and How Do You Use It?

When it involves witchcraft, there are a selection of crucial ritual equipment. And one of the essential of those is the athame knife. sometimes called the witch’s blade. Some of the opposite essential magical equipment come with the wand, the chalice, and pentacle,

When you put up an altar, you’ll be able to in most cases position a lot of these on it, alongside in all probability with candles, incense, and different pieces. But, whilst maximum of the ones stay at the altar whilst you do your paintings, you’ll be able to use your athame actively right through. Here’s your information to what an athme is and when you should utilize it.

What Is an Athame?

The athame dagger is, historically, a black-handled, double-edged blade used for steering power in ritual. In Gardnerian witchcraft, it represents the component of fireside. For different traditions, it represents the component of air. In maximum, on the other hand, it represents masculine power.

Athame — pronounced Aah-thuh-may — is the combination of the French arthame from the grimoire the Key of Solomon, this means that “knife used in casting spells.” It comes from somebody miscopying the Medieval Latin artavus, that means “small knife.”

The blades can also be constructed from the entirety from light-weight steel to Damascus metal and hilts are in most cases constructed from plastic, bone, steel, wooden, or leather-based. You can carve symbols into it, corresponding to astrological or elemental glyphs, or you’ll go away it as is.

They vary in period, weight, and high quality, however as soon as consecrated, they are all similarly efficient. It’s extra an issue of discovering person who feels proper to you as opposed to purchasing the costliest one in the market. This is your magical apply, now not “how can I keep up with the Stephens.” You’ll to find some athames underneath to provide you with a way of what is to be had.

You may to find you need two athames, an extended one for solitary paintings and a shorter one for crew paintings. This is private desire.

What Do You Use the Athame For?

1. Casting a Circle of Protection

If you’re casting a circle of coverage on your ritual work, it would be best to use your athame. Walk in a clockwise style round your house with the blade pointed towards the place you visualize your self developing the brink of the circle. As you do, use the athame knife to energetically draw the circle’s define in blue flame. If the distance you are in does not allow blades, use your wand.
Athame - Circle of Protection and Corners

2. Invoking the Pentagram (and Banishing It)

After you solid the circle of coverage, a part of the preparation on your ritual paintings may come with calling the quarters (or corners). Calling the quarters comes to summoning the component or protecting spirit that represents that component, and drawing an invoking pentagram for that component. When you shut the quarter, you’ll be able to do the banishing pentagram.

Invoking and banishing the pentagram will can help you perceive why the knife has a double blade. If it did not, you would both need to turn the knife round to your hand as you draw, otherwise you’d be drawing with the boring aspect.
Athame - Invoking Banishing the Pentagram

3. Consecrating Items

You can use your athame to consecrate more than a few pieces, together with those who you employ as a part of your ritual. For example, it may be used to purify water and incense on your altar.

What Should You Not Use the Atheme For?

Everything else. Don’t use the athame to chop and devour meals, carve candles, or harvest herbs.

The blade is supposed only for steering magical power and after consecrating it, will have to be used just for this. If you wish to have a device for slicing meals after ritual, doing candle magic, or accumulating vegetation and herbs, use your boline.

Also, as soon as you’ve gotten consecrated your athame, do not let others use it.

Where Can I Get an Athame?

Personally, I wish to get my equipment at native retail outlets or from craftspeople on Etsy. You may additionally make your personal if you are professional in forging or know somebody who’s. Here are some Athames from Etsy I believed have been cool.

1. Damascus Witch Blade

Everything the Troll Cunning Forge makes is lovely and the blades are made to reserve. This athame has a Damascus metal blade, an ebony deal with and a bronze guard.
Athame - curved blade

2. Double Edged Steel Athame

This coal-forged knife 15.25″ knife solid through Odin’s Own Bladeworks has a blade product of hardened high-carbon metal and a walnut deal with.
Atham - walnut handle

3. Damascus Dagger With Wooden Handle

This dirk-style dagger has a surprising metal blade and a simple to carry walnut deal with. If you are searching for a heavier athame, this one is 12″ and weighs one pound.
Athame - Damascus steel blade

4. Athame with Crystals

This athame through the World of Elias has a steel blade and a deal with constructed from chrysophrase, carnelian, and rhodonite.
Athame - crystals

5. Bat Wing Athame

This 6.5″ dagger is highest for the witch who loves bats and knives. Anyone need to ship me one?
Athame - bat wing

6. Mistletoe Athame

I’m now not positive if this is a real athame, as I will’t inform whether it is double bladed, however the floral design at the blade and the mistletoe deal with made it really feel distinctive sufficient to incorporate.
Athame - mistletoe

7. Heavy Steel Athame

Though simply over 10″ lengthy, this twisted metal ceremonial blade weighs one pound.
Athame - twisted steel

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