The making a song won’t ever be carried out

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Once, it’s good to pay attention
Sheep munching grass
Half a mile away.

Now the soundscape
Is stuffed with mechanical sounds:
Auditory attack.

We have misplaced the track of the sector:
Birdsong, animal sounds
The wind within the bushes.

Birds need to sing louder
To be heard over the sound of vehicles.
Whale tune is interrupted by way of ships.

The making a song won’t ever be carried out,
But nobody can pay attention it when
now we have misplaced the track of the sector.

Yvonne Aburrow
8:19 am, 2 May 2022

Inspired by way of the word “the singing will never be done” in Everyone Sang

I’m these days re-reading Precious Bane by way of Mary Webb, set in 1815, during which Prue Sarn says she will be able to pay attention sheep tearing the grass at the different facet of Sarn Mere.

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