Foresight Friday: Free Your Inner Feline

Foresight Friday: Free Your Inner Feline

Foresight Friday: Free Your Inner Feline

Divination Method: The Illustrated Herbiary

Card Drawn: Valerian

Key Words: Release Rigidity

My Foresight Friday Interpretation:

Howdy pals! I am hoping that no matter you needed to be ready for final week wasn’t too tough to handle. If it used to be just a little taxing, no worries, as a result of extra relaxation is at the means.

This week I’m consulting The Illustrated Herbiary by means of Maia Toll. I do love me some recommendation from the plant international!

The card that has determined to percentage its knowledge with us this week is Valerian. The colourful imagery of this card presentations Valerian status tall and powerful a few of the clouds in a vibrant, blue sky. If we apply the road of its stalk downward, we will see it ultimately morphs into the tail of a thankfully napping tabby cat.

The look of a cat would possibly appear unusual, nevertheless it if truth be told makes a large number of sense. Why? Because Valerian is understood to advertise leisure, cut back anxiousness, and toughen or induce sleep. Which just about sums up cats as a species. Think about it; Cats are typically beautiful sit back, they sleep A LOT, and so they in most cases do not give a fuck what any one thinks about – effectively…the rest.

The Valerian card from The Illustrated Herbiary deck.

So, our activity this week is to take a web page out of the Cat’s e-book. It’s time to calm down each time we really feel the urge, and to really feel completely unapologetic about it.

No beating ourselves up for refusing to devour the bullshit sandwiches that existence occasionally loves to serve us. We are completely allowed to relaxation for the sake of resting, in addition to to do issues on a whim.

Trust within the message that Valerian has dropped at us, in addition to the ideas that it brings us for Ritual (one thing to do) and Reflection (one thing to consider).

We’ve just about lined the Ritual, which is solely to relaxation. More particularly, we are requested to take a look at our hand on the occasional Cat Nap of 15 – 20 mins.

For our Reflection, we’re tasked to discover disgrace. While the sensation has its position once we’re finding out to calibrate our ethical compass, many people have crossed the road into inflexible tactics of pondering that steadily result in the ones moments of self-deprecation and self-ridicule that we’re a long way too fast to imagine.

Taking slightly time to discover why we generally tend to do this to ourselves (with out additional judgement), in addition to specializing in how we will be able to be kinder to ourselves can handiest lend a hand our frame of mind and general well-being.

So pass forth and embody your interior cool cat. Follow your whims, relaxation whilst you like. Do all of it shamelessly and with completely 0 fucks.

Until Next Time, Pixilators!

Wishing You Peace, Love, & Pixie Dust

______ ______

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