Snowstorms have previously iced out the restaurant because of its location along Lake Erie, Hoak said.

Hoak’s has previously experienced flash freezes that have almost completely iced out the restaurant’s outdoor deck, Hoak told WBEN: “It just happens with the 25-foot waves, it’s going to find its way in. Water is scary and powerful.”

Photos posted on Facebook in March 2020 by Hoak’s official account show partially melted icicles right outside the restaurant.

This time around, they fortified the building in preparation for the storm.

“What we did was we put storm boards over the windows throughout the entire entire restaurant,” Hoak said. “With 75-mile-per-hour winds, you don’t want any debris or rock or branches or logs coming through your windows. So we had to board up the windows, just secure the area, and you’ve just got to protect the house.

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