Back in the day, the choices for bicycles seemed to be between joining the spandex brigade on a road bike, or a burly and heavy mountain bike. But, go even further back, and upright city bikes reigned supreme. Bicycles that offered a more comfortable riding position, durable components and baskets and racks for carrying a variety of goods. Now, there is no end to the variety of bicycles from which to choose: road, mountain, hybrid, folding, gravel, electric, cargo, and upright to name the most popular.

The big question for many is what makes the best bicycle for city living. It does depend on the most common use, whether commuting for work, as a last-mile vehicle to get to and from the metro station, for recreation, or somewhere in between.

Once the function is determined, other factors come into play such as price, durability, and style.

daily commuting can be tough on a bicycle, so it’s important not to overspend and to find a bike with quality and tough components that offer both a solid performance as well as some durability.

Here are some of our favorite bikes for commuting this year.

A folding bike for the city

Dahon MU D9

Dahon MU Series, $929 to $1199

Folding bikes are fantastic for commuters, especially for those requiring last-mile options when combined with rail travel into the city. And DAHON has been making folding bikes since 1982, so consumers can trust that they get it right.

The nine-speed MU D9 ($929) is a work of art, and one of DAHON’s most popular folding bikes thanks to its versatility.

Like the entire MU series from DAHON, the D9 is a wonderful choice forcommuters. We love that this aluminum-framed bike with 20-inch wheels is so light at 25 pounds that it is easy to carry up a flight of stairs and small enough to shove under a desk or in the closet with folded dimensions of 34 x 12 x 26 inches. And the adjustable handlebars adjust to allow
riders a custom fit.

Other features of the D9 include Wellgo folding pedals, and V-brakes.

Another gem in the MU series is the D10, with some advanced features while maintaining the same trim folded dimensions of the D9. The riding position is ideal for venturing about town and navigating through traffic, while it takes just seconds to fold up and transport when needed.

The D10 ($1099), which clocks in at around 27 pounds, features a lightweight Dalloy aluminum Sonus tube set.

What is fantastic about this beauty is its 10 speeds with a DAHON custom rear derailleur, trigger shifters, wide tires, and even wider ratio gearing making it fun and efficient to ride even when climbing hills.

The D10 also boasts adjustable handlebars, a DAHON ergo comfort saddle, and a lightweight aluminum kickstand.

Dahon MU D11

The MU D11 ($1199), otherwise known as the Shark, is a step-up and features 11 speeds that offer a great blend of portability and rideability.

The solid aluminum frame offers plenty of stability and comfort while riding, and the Shark folds into a tidy little package of 34 x 12 x 26 inches making it easy to transport on the train or in the trunk of a car to travel to a fun weekend destination and tool around town.

Riding positions are easily adjusted for maximum comfort on its 20-inch wheels and the addition of a comfortable saddle and adjustable handlebars make it a fantastic choice.

The D11 is also one of the most stylish bikes from DAHON with its long arcing frame, perfect for city streets.

Riders in North America interested in purchasing any of these bikes can order online or contact their nearest DAHON dealer with this store locator tools. Customers from the rest of the world can reach out to their local dealer/distributor by accessing their details here,

One of the OG belt-drive city bikes

Priority Brilliant L Train, $750

When looking for a bicycle for commuting and riding around the city, check out Priority, which is an American brand specializing in belt-driven bicycles. One of their iconic models is the L Train, a collab between Priority and Brilliant Bicycle Co., and it has been improved by the option of disc brakes, which are a must for the city. Priority uses the Gates Carbon Drive Belt, which offers a no-muss, no-fuss and certainly no-grease commuting experience.

The L Train also features a seven or eight-speed Shimano internally geared hub, and a lightweight Chromoly frame. We also like the geometry of the L Train. Other features of note for commuters are the kickstand and puncture-resistant tyres.

Check out the priority lineup here.

A hybrid could be the perfect city bike

Specialized Sirrus 2.0, $1049

This hybrid bike is perfect for those who like a comfortable ride with a bit of pep thanks to its lightweight and forward riding position. Built by one of the top bicycle brands, the Sirrus offers a reliable set of quality components at a solid price.

The frame is A1 Alloy butted aluminum with internal cable routing and steel forks, sweet and effective hydraulic disc brakes as well as rack and fender/ mudguard mounts as well as provisions for two bottle cages, so commuters have plenty of options to customize for urban cycling .

The drivetrain is all quality Shimano parts with an eight-speed cassette offering smooth and easy to use MicroSHIFT 2×8 shifting and a wide enough range of gears to tackle most everything a city can throw at it.

There are three versions of the Sirrus available ranging in quality of components and price.

Style and substance

Brooklyn Bicycle Co Bedford 8 Speed, $599

This stylish gem features an upright and comfortable riding position and eight speeds to tackle a wide variety of terrain.

The Bedford is equipped with mounting points to handle the addition of a variety of accessories for commuting. In addition, the 32mm puncture-resistant tires are ideal for a smooth ride whether on a daily commute to work or to tool around the nabe in style on the weekend.

We love the matching vegan leather saddle and grips that punctuate a fetching city bike that offers enough performance to handle a daily commute while also providing a fun and simple bike for recreation.

A retro commuter

State Bicycle 3-Speed ​​City Bike, $579

The gearing is from Shimano, so State doesn’t skimp on quality components. It uses coaster brakes for easy stopping and comes with a chain-guard, and mustache handlebars. It’s also constructed of steel, which is great for many reasons including a smooth and comfortable ride, but if the commute is long and arduous this might not be the perfect ride for spins around the neighborhood and short-distance commutes on this three-speed city bike gets high marks for its affordability and simplicity.

Best for work and play

Trek FX1 Disc, $679.99

This lightweight hybrid bike can do it all. It’ll take you to work quickly with a smile on your face, and on the weekends, it can handle dirt and gravel pathways for a little fun touring.

The aluminum frame is light and has internal cable routing, which is always a good thing. The 16 speeds offer a huge range of gearing. And, the disc brakes offer great stopping power, which is essential for sketchy weather conditions, especially while commuting to work in traffic. The double-walled wheels are durable. And there are mounts to add any accessories needed.

Bicycles like this one are great all-rounders and offer very good value for the price. Trek is a fantastic company with a good lifetime warranty.

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