Liv.e has released a new song called ‘Find Out’. It’s the third single from the LA-based, Dallas-raised artist’s sophomore album, Girl in the Half Pearlfollowing the previously shared tracks ‘Wild Animals’ and ‘Ghost’, Check it out below.

“’Find Out’ is a reflection of the moment in my journey where I’m finally having a realization of what it means to really love yourself and take a moment to observe what doesn’t reflect self love,” Liv.e explained in a statement. “Sometimes you realize you only receive and accept what you feel like you deserve and I finally felt like I deserved more than what I was experiencing. Girl In The Half Pearl overall is a chapter of my book where I take you through the journey of my mind states as I’m experiencing the death of who I once was, and ‘Find Out’ is one of those moments where you experience me losing my rose-colored glasses.”

Girl in the Half Pearl comes out February 10 via In real life,

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