Jesus Piece have announced their sophomore album, …So Unknown, The follow-up to 2018’s Only Self lands April 14 via CenturyMedia, It will include the 2022 single ‘An Offering to the Night’as well as a new track, ‘Gates of Horn’, which is out today along with an Eric Richter-directed video. Check it out below, and scroll down for the LP’s cover art and tracklist.

“The making of the record was nothing short of all-consuming. It was an intense and challenging process,” drummer Luis Aponte said in a statement. “The record reflects a lot of confusion, but also, evolution. There was a lot of uncertainty and emotion during the pandemic – we all changed and grew so much. So if there is a single thought or concept to the record, it’s constant metamorphosis. That’s also how we operated as a band on this LP– spending a lot of time songwriting and fleshing things out as a unit, and then upping our game from there. It’s definitely a reflection of us as more mature, playing the best we’ve ever played and feeling like a real band for the first time.”

…So Unknown Cover Artwork:

…So Unknown Tracklist:

1. In Constraints
2.- Fear of Failure
3. Tunnel Vision
5. Silver Lining
6. Gates of Horn
7. Profane
8. An Offering to the Night
9. Stolen Life
10. The Bond

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