Just because you ride a bicycle doesn’t mean you can’t have bike style, and in this column we celebrate it.

City: san francisco

Occupation: Owner/Designer at BikePretty.com

What do you ride? Whatever bike I can get my hands on to take me and my cute outfit to the beach.

What is your bike style? All style, no sweat. My bikes don’t need to be pretty, but they should make ME look good.

What are your favorite clothes to bike in? My *favorite* clothes to bike in are anything with sequins or a bold print! But most days I like to wear a cute outfit and whatever helmet I’m testing for my shop.

Where are we most likely to spot your bike? San Francisco converted what used to be a highway into a public esplanade along the bay. The views of the water and the sailboats are stunning and it’s the most relaxing place to ride.

What do you like most about riding? It’s the easiest, most low-stress way to change my scenery. The best moments are when I bump into a friend and get a moment to pull over and catch up.

What is your dream bike for everyday cycling? Any bike that lets me see and be seen. I hate hunching over handlebars. I want to take in the sights.

What did you eat for breakfast? Peanut butter and chocolate chip oatmeal with black coffee. Sometimes that’s the only reason to get out of bed in the morning.

What music have you been listening to most? When I ride my bike it’s either “The Flower Duet” (From “Lakmé”) or “Killing In The Name.”

Basket or panniers? Both! Never a backpack. I let the bike carry the weight.

What is your favorite clothing item for cycling? Bikie Girl Bloomers are the best for pulling on under skirts or dresses. I call them dignity protectors! They’re unpadded bike shorts that have a smooth-fit waistband that doesn’t squeeze. And they come in a ton of cute colors!

Any cycling style tips? No one needs special clothes to ride a bike! You don’t even need special gear, just any old bike is enough to get started. Also, if you’re warm enough for the first ten minutes of the ride, you’re probably too bundled up. Keep that outer layer in a basket to toss on later.

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