When you start your day, don’t forget these four morning rituals that saints and monks have been doing for years. These habits will bring peace, money, and harmony into your life.

4 powerful morning rituals recommended by monks.  a couple waking up from the morning
4 powerful morning rituals recommended by monks. Photo by Campus Production on pexels.com

1. When you wake up, you are doing wrong thing if you are touching your phone in your morning ritual

In our busy lifestyles, we have lost how to build things organically. We should start adjusting to the natural world. However, instead of using something natural like a parrot, hen, or cow, 90% of the general population now sets alerts on their mobile devices.

Animals and birds have a natural tendency to follow the rules of the sun, waking up and going to bed at the same time every day. We should immediately abandon our preference for man-made devices in favor of naturally created items.

Why not use such devices? It simply activates negative energy. The device is not a source of energy. In fact, it consumes energy to run, whether it is from an electric or human energy source.

2. When you wake up, your morning ritual should begin with looking at your palms

First thing in the morning is when you wake up, on the bed, and make yourself comfortable. I recommend you sit in Padmasana or yoga’s cross-legged lotus pose, which helps to improve meditation by soothing the mind and easing a variety of physical ailments. Rub your palms against each other until you feel your body warming up. Wipe your eyes with those activated palms.

3. Monks in their morning ritual, follow to sunlight and pray to 1st God

The sun is the first god for humans and other creatures on this planet, and Earth is their mother. However, our busy schedule does not allow us to even wake up on time and pray to our lord, the sun. If sunlight is not reaching your house’s door or windows, sit in a position and pretend you have sunlight. The best way to do, yoga, suryanamaskar with a sprinkle of relaxing music. You can play your favorite devotional songs too.

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4. Everyone in their morning rituals should remember Goddess and it’s elements

The first goddess still exists; that is our mother, “Earth.” Feel her around you. Also, it’s air, temperature, fire, and all the other elements of the earth. In the early days, mostly in villages, we used to burn wood to boil water for baths. In short, we were feeling early morning air, fire, and then water. These are the mother earth’s elements.

Nowadays, we wake up, switch on the button to boil water for our bath. which is bad practice.

You will be on the road to a healthy life and a successful day if you follow these morning routines.

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