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So you’ve created the ultimate track and it’s ready to grace the ears of Apple Music listeners around the world? No problem. Getting your music on the platform isn’t as hard as you’d think, and we pretty much do all the work for you. Sit back, relax, and we’ll tell you exactly how it’s done.

How To Get Your Music On Apple Music

Before we dive into…

Getting your music on Apple Music works similarly to how you’d get your music on Spotify with us. There are a couple things you need to make sure you have ready before we can upload it for you. First things first, let’s talk about song registration.

Make Sure You Own The Rights To Your Tracks

You should never make covers or use samples without the proper permission to do so. This can cause some major issues for you down the line, and in order for you to receive the royalties you’re rightfully owed, your songs need to be properly registered.

To ensure you do everything right here, we wrote an article that covers many common mistakes artists make during the song registration process, From not properly registering your co-writers, not providing your IPI number, entering incorrect metadata and more, there are many factors to keep an eye on to ensure proper licensing and publication moving forward.

Have Original Album Cover Art

Your album art should be a perfect square and at least 4000 x 4000 pixels in size for Apple Music. You’ll also want to make sure you aren’t using any explicit images or unofficial logos without permission. They won’t accept anything that goes against their community. guidelines,

Hit Up Your Distributor

Distributors (like us 😉) are the ones who handle music licensing, distribution, and pay streaming royalties out to artists like you. You can’t upload your music on your own, so you’ll need to work with a distributor to get music on Apple Music. We’re even on their official list of preferred distributors!

Once you’re ready to get started, you can dive in through our Symphonic Starter plan. With it, we distribute your music to the masses, collect royalties from DSPs, make payments to your collaborators, and more, all while you keep complete ownership of your music. This plan offers distribution to the largest network of DSPs, so you can get your music not only on Apple Music, but Spotify, Beatport, and even TikTok, Instagram, Triller and more.


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How long will it take for my release to go live?

With us, it takes 1-2 days for your release to be delivered to any DSP.

Then, Symphonic also enables you to set a global release time if you want to. If not, new releases will go live usually around 12:00AM Eastern Time but, there may be some delays. In addition, some releases may go live based on the territory you are in.

If you are in Australia and it is 12AM of the release date, you will see the release before Canada as they will show it live when it reaches 12AM on the release date of the release and so on, territory by territory.
If you release doesn’t show at 12AM, you may have to close the program entirely then re-open it. If your release still doesn’t show it may not be live for any other reason so feel free to create a ticket.

What’s next?

All that’s left is to sign up for Starter and upload your music into our Symphonic Management System (SMS for short). Then, we’ll upload your music to Apple Music for you. Easy as that.

Whenever you’re ready, you can learn more and get started. right here,

Good luck!

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