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If you’re looking to drive more streams and gain more fans for your music this year, you’ve probably thought about setting up ads for your music. However, self-serve ad platforms can be complicated, and hiring an ad agency is typically an expensive endeavor. To help you out, we partnered with digital ads platform,, to launch a new way to advertise – the Managed Ads Program. Here’s everything you need to know…

How To Advertise Your Music with’s Managed Ads Program

What does it do?

With this program, musicians can book high-quality digital ad placements on Websites like Pitchfork, Complex, Billboard, NME, all managed by marketing pros – at only 4% the cost of going direct.

With it, you also get access to marketing experts who will book, monitor, and optimize your ads based on your goals, all while sharing your success along the way.

Want in?

Are you a Symphonic client? If so, you can take advantage of this deal and set up an effective ad that will grow your audience today. It’s as simple as filling out a short online form. Whenever you’re ready, get started right here,

Good luck!

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