Social media lighting up over pro-Erdogan quake-zone electorate

As the result of Turkey’s presidential election trickled in, many opposition supporters took to social media to precise their anger, directing a lot of it at electorate residing in spaces devastated by way of February’s earthquakes,

Sunday’s election ended with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan taking 49.5 % of the vote and his major challenger, Kemal Kilicdaroglu, getting 44.9 %.

The majority of electorate in 8 of eleven towns suffering from the earthquakes solid their ballots for Erdogan’s Justice and Development Party (AK Party) whilst the opposite 3 towns liked Kilicdaroglu’s Republican People’s Party (CHP).

In the wake of the quakes, Erdogan’s govt used to be criticized for its gradual preliminary reaction to the crisis and lax enforcement of establishing codes. Three months later, the president’s critics may no longer perceive why earthquake survivors would toughen Erdogan on the poll field. Many used Twitter to lob insults at those electorate.

Translation: “I am not saying anything to those who left, but to those who stayed in the earthquake zone, may God damn you … We are embarrassed of our humanity in their place.”

Translation: “We suffered from such a lot embarrassment after the earthquake. I stated they may no longer have given it, they should not have performed this, however they did. May you drown within the cries of the lifeless who’re nonetheless below the rubble.

Thousands of tweeted feedback have been stuffed with verbal attacks and threats towards electorate residing within the earthquake zone.

Translation: “71 % votes to Erdogan from the earthquake zone ..?

“You burn Urfa, I’ll burn Antep”


Some customers mentioned on account of the election effects, they’d now not ship support to earthquake survivors.

Translation: “I’m sorry however this used to be the ultimate. No topic what, after this I can no longer lend a hand all the way through any crisis. I cried for days. If they forgot that the federal government got here 3 days later, that Kizilay offered tents and nonetheless believe AKP, I’m performed.”

Translation: “I in reality can not imagine this. I can no longer be unhappy for many of them any further. I’ve strained myself such a lot because the earthquake in order that I may do one thing, I turned into ill from disappointment. They can move ask the AKP for lend a hand, there may be not anything to mention.”

Government’s reaction

The Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office introduced it has begun an investigation into people who have made “provocative posts” and “created inhumane rhetoric” towards earthquake survivors, the Anadolu information company reported.

The guarantees to now not ship lend a hand to the earthquake zone have already been became motion. According to Melike Hatipoglu, who stated she has been in my opinion organizing reduction efforts because the first day of the earthquakes, many of us have canceled their monetary toughen for the sufferers.

“I do not believe my middle can take all that I’ve skilled previously 3 days. The lend a hand for 174 orphans has been bring to an end. Almost 2,000 bins of provides had been cancelled. People requested [for me to give] again the furnishings they’d donated to these left homeless. They forbade the lend a hand given to youngsters, disabled and aged other folks. I go away you all to remark.

The backlash has carried over into the federal government as smartly. On Tuesday, the Tekirdag Metropolitan Municipality declared it used to be terminating its brief lodging products and services to earthquake survivors.

Translation: “The CHP Tekirdag Municipality punished the earthquake sufferers as a result of Kemal Kilicdaroglu may no longer get sufficient votes from the earthquake zone.

“They attempted to evict voters who have been relocated to lodges in Kumbag.

“The earthquake victims said, ‘This is what you think we are worthy of because the earthquake zone voted for AK Party?’”

After the general public outcry, the Tekirdag governor and Disaster and Emergency Management Authority intervened and stated they’ll proceed offering safe haven to the earthquake sufferers.

In reaction to the barrage of insults from opposition supporters on social media, movies and images of survivors from the earthquake zone giving again support they won from CHP municipalities had been circulating on social media.

In one video, a sufferer from Elbistan in Kahramanmaras province, the earthquakes’ epicentre, stated he’s returning the unfastened fertilizer he won from the CHP-run Ankara Metropolitan Municipality.

Translation: “The Nation Alliance has no longer made any statements condemning [the insults], We don’t seem to be with out pleasure or dishonorable sufficient to make use of this fertilizer.

Another sufferer shared with Murat Kurum, minister of atmosphere and urbanisation, that all the way through the earthquake he had taken a unfastened bottle of water from an Ankara Metropolitan Municipality stand.

Translation: “I despatched the cash for [the water] again to Kemal Kilicdaroglu’s checking account. It used to be 2.50 liras [13 cents],

Many social media customers have condemned the backlash towards earthquake survivors and referred to as on others to proceed donating and offering toughen.

Translation: “A request, the best answer is to give to those who lost their humanity. Whichever one you trust…”

Translation: “If the results of democracy didn’t please us, the motion to take is to extend positive grievance, to make stronger the opposition. However, it’s not threatening those that have been suffering from the tragedy. Just as this nation raised us, we will be able to proceed to lend a hand its youngsters unconditionally.

“We will. Because we know that human life is above political decisions. We convey our constant support to earthquake survivors and young people who have lost their mothers. In the second round, whether my heart is fulfilled or not, I will personally organize a new aid programme.”

Erdogan’s reaction

Prior to the overall election, each Erdogan and Kilicdaroglu campaigned within the earthquake-devastated towns. Members and leaders from their coalitions additionally held rallies and visited the world.

In a tweet, Erdogan denounced the destructive reactions on social media.

“We are witnessing assaults which might be incompatible with human values ​​because of this mentality as a result of they may no longer get votes from our voters. These circles show a wide variety of unscrupulousness, from chopping off the help they ship to the earthquake house to kicking earthquake sufferers out of lodges.”


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