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ISLAMABAD: Tension prevailed in Lahore on Friday as police searched former top minister Imran Khan’s place of abode for suspects excited about assaults on army and govt installations following his arrest.
A group of senior law enforcement officials, led by way of Lahore’s commissioner, visited the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) leader’s Zaman Park place of abode after the government gained seek warrants from an anti-terrorism courtroom.

After the group left, Imran’s leader safety officer Iftikhar Ghuman informed reporters that the Punjab police had returned “empty-handed”. “The only thing they got here was tea and biscuits,” stated Ghuman.
“We opened the doors of the house for them in front of you (mediapersons). Now, you ask them what they got,” he added.
However, the interim information minister of Punjab province, Amir Mirrejected reports that the former PM’s residence was raided and said the government team was sent there to finalize “SOPs for the search of the house”.

The 70-year-old PTI leader hit out at the “unprecedented crackdown” on his party and its supporters in a tweet on Friday. “The mindset behind this unprecedented crackdown and current reign of terror that PTI and its supporters are being subjected to (that was not even witnessed during Zia and Musharraf martial laws) is that we Pakistanis are like a herd of sheep who can be terrorized enough to Meekly bow down to this naked show of power,” Imran said.
“Well, we won’t because we are humans and ‘ummat’ (followers) of the greatest leader of all times, who made us pledge to Allah that we will bow to no one except Him (Almighty),” he added.

The government introduced a crackdown on PTI employees and leaders once they torched public belongings and protection installations Imran’s arrest on May 9.
The PTI claims that greater than 7,000 celebration leaders and employees, together with ladies, were arrested and tortured in custody.
In a talk with reporters, Imran stated he has had “no dialogue” with the (army) status quo since violent protests broke out within the nation. “The current army chief clearly has some problems with me,” the PTI leader stated.

Former Pakistan PM Imran Khan: 'Even under Musharraf's regime, I haven't seen such high-handedness'


Former Pakistan PM Imran Khan: ‘Even beneath Musharraf’s regime, I have never noticed such high-handedness’


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