Mark Levin on Democrat DA’s Indictment of President Trump: “This Is Soft Tyranny – Their Goal is to Destroy Civil Society” (VIDEO)

Mark Levin joined FOX and Friends Weekend to discuss the upcoming arrest of President Trump by the Democrat New York City DA Alvin Bragg this coming Tuesday.

Levin pointed out that this is the latest piece of evidence that the Democrat Party’s goal is to destroy civil society. This is the mission of the Democratic Party.

Mark Levin: When the people lose faith in the law the country is done. The people are losing faith in the law because the Democrat Party and the Democrat prosecutors in Manhattan, the Soros prosecutor want them to lose faith in the law. Their whole goal is to destroy the civil society and the morality that undergirds it. That is the mission of the Democratic Party.

Mark Levin added later in the interview that American citizens are ALREADY living under a soft tyranny where Democrats are not prosecuted while Republicans are thrown in prison and charged with made-up crimes.

Watch the whole thing below.

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