Even Canada not recommending COVID vaccines for most people

The Public Health Agency of Canada is no longer recommending vaccines for the vast majority of Canadians, restricting their recommendation for getting the jab to the immunocompromised and others who are more likely to suffer from severe health effects from COVID.

Canada is joining other members of the OECD in downplaying the need or even restricting the availability of the COVID vaccine for people who are not at risk for severe cases of COVID.

The United States is not only recommending COVID vaccines and boosters for people in high-risk categories. but for every single American 6 months old and up, It’s as if no amount of data, common sense, or recognition that all medical procedures have risk matters to the people who run our country.

Infants only six months old are getting the vaccine pushed on them. Without even testing for safety or effectiveness in age groups anywhere near that young.

This is vaccine fundamentalism, not a public health policy.

The United States led the world into COVID fundamentalism in 2020, and we are trailing the world as other countries pull back from the extreme policies that have caused so much damage.

The propaganda is still very strong here and shows no sign of abating.

We know beyond a shadow of a doubt that COVID vaccines do not and cannot prevent either the infection with or transmission of COVID. What the vaccines do is fight the virus should it become a systemic infection, traveling beyond the respiratory system’s immune response and into the other areas of the body.

This is a rare occurrence, and it is only infections that spread outside the respiratory system that intramuscular vaccines address. By their nature, these vaccines cannot be “highly effective” for individuals who are not at risk for severe COVID, such as nearly every child. Any claim otherwise is a lie.

Even Dr. Fauci – after he left his position at the CDC, wrote about this fact. Vaccines for respiratory viruses are actually extremely ineffective. Here is what Fauci wrote in a peer reviewed paper just published:

As pointed out decades ago, and still true today, the rates of effectiveness of our best approved influenza vaccines would be inadequate for licensure for most other vaccine-preventable diseases.


However, as variant SARS-CoV-2 strains have emerged, deficiencies in these vaccines reminiscent of influenza vaccines have become apparent. The vaccines for these two very different viruses have common characteristics: they elicit incomplete and short-lived protection against evolving virus variants that escape population immunity.

I wrote a piece about this last month,

Even if the COVID vaccines were entirely benign and had no risks–a fact we know is not the case–lying to parents about the effectiveness of the vaccines generates distrust in everything said by public health officials, including about the genuine safety and effectiveness of vaccines that actually do save lives.

The CDC is creating a new generation of parents who are skeptical about all vaccines, including those that are genuinely safe, effective, and lifesaving, in their mad desire to force everybody to take a jab that will be useless for nearly everybody. You simply cannot lie to people and expect them to keep trusting you, and the CDC seems determined to maintain the fiction that the COVID vaccine should be taken by everybody.

At this point the smartest thing we could do is simply fire everybody at the executive level in our public health agencies. There is a cancer eating away at these institutions, and while there may be some genuinely skilled and uncorrupted leaders left at these institutions, cutting out some of the healthy muscle along with the cancer is safer than the alternative.

It didn’t have to be this way, but here we are. Our institutions are fundamentally corrupt, and we have a choice: live with corrupt institutions or tear them apart and rebuild.

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